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70 Slip-Ups were found for "Hercules (Disney)":

Item Title Rating
HerculesReally Good at Skipping3.3 with 6 votes
HerculesGreek or Roman?4.4 with 94 votes
HerculesHercules Vs. Hera? Uh Uh.2.6 with 74 votes
HerculesHurcules' Magical Wristband3.5 with 52 votes
Hercules The Movie (not Disney)Brown or Black Horse?5.0 with 1 votes
HerculesFalling Towers6.3 with 45 votes
HerculesHow Deep Is It?6.1 with 59 votes
Hercules Goes to New YorkSampson? Are You Sure?8.3 with 9 votes
Hercules Goes to New YorkNice to Meet You... Ahn... Er.... ?3.8 with 6 votes
Robin Hood (Disney)Going Bare-Headed2.8 with 27 votes
Little Mermaid (Disney)Magic Forks4.0 with 64 votes
Doug (Disney)Patti, Do You Take Voice Lessons!?5.1 with 58 votes
Disney's Fruit Snacks CommercialWhere Is the Game?7.0 with 21 votes
DinosaurAladar Is a What?!3.4 with 69 votes
Little Mermaid (Disney)Fire-Fire!4.8 with 58 votes
Wonderful World of DisneyPresidential Term Limits Didn't Exist Then3.0 with 2 votes
Air Force OneDisappearing Plane6.6 with 258 votes
Perfect Storm, TheWrong Plane2.0 with 54 votes
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?Anachronism of Toons3.1 with 35 votes
Hercules Goes to New YorkModern Gods7.1 with 9 votes
Carter, AaronHis Favorite Rock5.2 with 426 votes
Little Mermaid (Disney)Shirt Color Change4.2 with 167 votes
Little Mermaid (Disney)Snarfblat?1.8 with 280 votes
Little Mermaid (Disney)Statue of Eric6.0 with 220 votes
Little Mermaid (Disney)Two More Slip-Ups5.1 with 110 votes
Little Mermaid (Disney)Sebastian's Leg4.5 with 64 votes
Little Mermaid (Disney)Turning the Other Cheek4.9 with 81 votes
Little Mermaid (Disney)Eric the Ventriloquist6.4 with 136 votes
Little Mermaid (Disney)Huh?4.7 with 68 votes
Little Mermaid (Disney)Mermaid Wearing Shoes5.3 with 98 votes
Little Mermaid (Disney)Ariel's Voice3.6 with 88 votes
Little Mermaid (Disney)Ariels' Dress3.8 with 107 votes
Little Mermaid (Disney)Part of Your World, but It Shouldn't Be1.9 with 371 votes
Little Mermaid (Disney)Crabby5.3 with 108 votes
Little Mermaid (Disney)Dissapearing Bubbles3.5 with 55 votes
Little Mermaid (Disney)What I Noticed in the First 15 Minutes3.0 with 196 votes
Little Mermaid (Disney)Where's the Food?5.6 with 65 votes
Little Mermaid (Disney)Fork Dent2.9 with 45 votes
Little Mermaid (Disney)Kitchen5.3 with 27 votes
Little Mermaid (Disney)Swim Through the Rock?3.4 with 65 votes
Little Mermaid (Disney)Boner7.4 with 79 votes
Little Mermaid (Disney)P*nis on the Cover?6.3 with 26 votes
Little Mermaid (Disney)Letters in Water0.8 with 13 votes
Little Mermaid (Disney)The Crashed Little Pink Bottle That Wasn't There4.0 with 2 votes
Doug (Disney)Chaulky, How'd You Get Here?5.1 with 23 votes
Doug (Disney)Still Time on the Clock7.3 with 186 votes
W.I.T.C.H (Disney Cartoon)What Color Is It?2.0 with 3 votes
Robin Hood (Disney)How'd He Do That?1.9 with 119 votes
Robin Hood (Disney)Little John Changes Clothes Quickly5.2 with 53 votes
Robin Hood (Disney)Chain Changed Place4.9 with 23 votes
Robin Hood (Disney)Arrow Holes3.2 with 32 votes
Robin Hood (Disney)Where'd That Room Come From?4.1 with 21 votes
Robin Hood (Disney)Magic Movers3.4 with 12 votes
Robin Hood (Disney)Ringing the Changes5.5 with 28 votes
Robin Hood (Disney)Right to the Heart5.1 with 18 votes
Robin Hood (Disney)What the Heck?5.5 with 35 votes
Robin Hood (Disney)Mystic Bow3.9 with 16 votes
Robin Hood (Disney)Same Scene Used Twice2.5 with 31 votes
Robin Hood (Disney)The Feather in His Hat3.2 with 17 votes
Robin Hood (Disney)Clink!4.8 with 4 votes
Robin Hood (Disney)Which Leg Is Broken?3.0 with 2 votes
Thirteenth Year, The (Disney)Mermaids Cell-Phone?4.0 with 120 votes
Zorro (Disney Version)Horse Helper5.3 with 29 votes
Oliver & Company (Disney)Where's the Name Tag?7.5 with 2 votes
The Delta ForceC-130 Engines Are Off5.0 with 1 votes
Principal takes a Holiday (Disney Channel Original)Flip-Sticks?5.4 with 31 votes
Aviator, ThePropellors Stopped5.0 with 2 votes
Living Daylights, TheDroppin' Props!6.1 with 9 votes
Air Force OneCamera Rails6.4 with 16 votes
Europa, EuropaTime-Travel Aircraft7.6 with 5 votes

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