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South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut - Faulty V-Chip
In one part of the movie, Eric Cartman has had a V-chip (like those used in TV sets) implanted in his head. This doesn't let him swear. He's not even allowed to say "*ss" or "p*ss".
But later, when the kids are singing the song "What would Brian Boitano Do?", Cartman is singing along to the whole song. You can see the animated lip synching. But the song contains words that the V-chip would normally never let him use, such as "I'm sure he'd kick an *ss or two, that's what Brian Boitano'd do".
Yet Cartman isn't electrocuted! How? He even sings about the V-chip at that point, so it's still implanted in his Broca's area.
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Maybe a copy of the movie would help?
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@ssKicker on 01-25-2001
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Coop Katty Kat writes:
Eric Cartman is not singing in this song and does not swear. First of all, just before Stan and Kyle say "kick an ass or two" cartman is shown not singing and it is just the other two boys, you can tell if you listen really carefully, that you can't hear Cartmans voice. Then after that when they say "cause Brain Boitano doesn't take s**t from anybody" Cartman is out of shot and if you listen carefully you can hear that Cartman joins in just after that, and thats when he is brought into shot.
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IcyCloud writes:
Justin is right. In both instances where they are swearing, Cartman is off-screen. In fact, when he joins in right after the word sh*t, you can tell that he was not singing the last line.
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fatfrank writes:
The V-Chip should also have been set off when Cartman asked his mom if she had "ever done a scheisse website" as scheisse is german for sh*t (fairly obvious I know)
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BigJ0nKnows writes:
Cartman could have read the "scheisse" word and not known that it was a synonym for sh*t. By the scientists description of the v-chip took it that only what a person thinks is a swear word will be interpreted as one. Other wise implanting it into his head would be unneccisary, since if all you wanted to do was block all known "swear words" you could just put it inder the skin some place. Also, the v-chip was american made. The words deemed unacceptable by the communists that be vary from region to region. Saying "Bloddy 'ell!" in England is the equivilent of "F*ck That!" in America. In England they are both seen as "bad". You can say bloody 'ell in most situations and it would be seen as a joke and/or charming in the US. ANYWAY... thats just what I think.
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nxdgirl writes:
Only Kyle and Stan sing that part. Also, during the mix of songs, only Kyle and Stan are singing. Cartman is eating chips in the background.
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Ron Spiegelhalter writes:
Cartman is not actually in shot when the offending word is uttered, and it's a little difficult to make out exactly who's singing at the moment, so it is conceivable that Cartman, off camera, skipped that word.
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Justin writes:
He walks off screen when they swear so he doesn't sing.
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Alkanen writes:
As far as I remember Cartman doesn't sing at all in that song. A friend of mine commented in it so we checked it out and he's actually eating Cheesy Poofs or something similar.
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Namekian writes:
It happens twice, you know. When they sing: Brian doesn't take sh*t from a-ny-bo-dyyy. Cartman sings that line too and he doesn't get shocked. This is actually a slip-up too.
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