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Redwall - Of Mice and Men?
There are lots of mistakes in "Redwall" that have to do with humans and other animals that aren't supposed to exist in the Redwall books. Cluny rides to Redwall in a HUMAN-sized hay cart pulled by a horse(No horses in Redwall!). When Methuselah is reading about Cluny, he mentions piglets, dogs, and cattle, none of which exist in the Redwall books. Also, Gingivere the cat is big enough to eat a mouse. WRONG! In the Redwall universe, the animals aren't sized to proportion.
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Anonymous on 11-17-2000
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Clay writes:
The original Redwall novel was little more than a read aloud story that Mr. Jacques created for a group of blind children and read to them. The story was actually published without his permission by a friend, and thus Redwall began. However, Redwall apparently wasn't very fine tuned, as later on we see many changes. Humans were, to an extent, assumed to exist in the first book, and all the characters took on very real-life proportions. However, as the books progress, they move away from the child's faerie tale structure and take on something more true to standard anthropomorphic fandom. (In other words, the characters all become more or less human sized when compared to each other and other things.) To provide a little solid proof, look over the illustrations created by Fangorn over the years, not to mention Terry Holwell.
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Mindy Doll writes:
This is from the person who has read every book in the series 6 times (I was real bored last summer.) The Redwall characters are examples of different kinds of people! Badgers: knights of the round table kind of people, the guys who will do anything to fight Moles: the not so rich guys who love to work Mice: your average run of the mill people GUOSIM: gypsies, otters and squirrels: the strong yet quite people who will help if you need it but won't jump in first (at least not all the time) Rats and other such creatures: jerks, bullys and just plain mean people You'll notice that in redwall young mice can hold a few berries in their paws, but in real life a full grown mouse can't even hold one. The badgers in redwall are about the size of a full grown man, and other species are scaled accordingly.
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Mars Guo writes:
First of all, you have to be clear which Gingivere you mean--there were two cats named Gingivere in two different books. Both were large enough to eat mice, though both despised it. The animals in redwall ARE sized to proportion. If you remember, several of Cluny's soldiers were crushed under that cart. ANd any animal that shows up in Great Britain can show up in a redwall book, so I doubt your freshly written "No Horses in Redwall" rule is to be ignored at least.
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~*Blondie*~ writes:
O MY GOODNESS! could you be more nitpicky? this is FANTASY we're talking about here! and who are you do make up the rules of Mossflower? If brian jacques wanted to put something in the very first BOOK (yes i know he's written other material but redwall was his first novel) but then changed it in the other books in the series, why shouldn't he? i don't think you have any right to say what he can or cannot write! way to try to ruin a great book
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David writes:
Give the guy a break. He sais on his website ( tha the sizeporporsions are all up to the readers imagination so BOOYAH!!!!!! AND GIVE BRIAN JACQUES A BREAK HE HAS WRITEN 18 350 page(or more)BOOKS SO LETS SEE YOU DO BETTER!!!!!
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How are you supposed to know which animals exist in Redwall??? Isn't that the author's job???
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Helena writes:
I got the impression that the universe in the first book wasn't quite as defined as in the later books. The first one sort of hints at humans in the world, but none of the later ones do. The proportion matter is a bit difficult. I remember one scene where a mouse was picking up a bird's nest, and I thought, "wait, how big is this mouse? How big is this nest?"
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squirrelboy writes:
Question for you to think about: Things like Flowers and Strawberries are adjusted to fit the hands of Mice, yet Snakes are correctly proportioned!
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Beka writes:
About the cat, it could be big enough to eat a mouse the same way a monster could be big enough to eat a human, nothing about real life sizes.
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tha kil writes:
I am intriuged by the fact that horses don't exist in the Redwall books. I read up to the long patrol, and admittedly, although horses only appeared once, no-one claimed they didn't exist. Same with other animals. What always got me about the series were three things. Who exactly were they praying to in the Abbey? How big are these fish that the mice eat? And finally, why does Martin have all these supernatural powers? I mean I haven't read the most recent one in which he does more, becuase I'm a little too old for them now, but in Mossflower ALL he does is go off, get a sword, come back, and kill a cat. And eh almost dies in the process. Matthias saved the entire Abbey with the help of the Guerilla Shrews. Martin got a bit more exciting in Martin the warrior, but not enough to warrant supernatural powers.
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bunny g writes:
ARTISTIC LICENSE AND PERSONIFICATION!!!! (personification can also change the sizes... and by god, those little rodents sure do act like humans!) BTW I've read redwall a few times...and i do believe that things are pretty well proportioned, and the church house thing that the ... oh sh*t forgot they're name but the field mice live in that Mathias saves.... they mentioned humans there i believe...???oh and with the animal sizes vs plant sizes... wild strawberries are itsy bitsy and mice could hold them and there are small flowers like baby's breath and clover that they could be referring to... now thats only about the first book... i haven't read the others ^.^
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Pheonixbird writes:
The book also mentions a town, hence the expression "Town Dog" as far as I know there are no towns at least not on the map
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