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Hackers - Hackers Indeed
This slip-up is during the scene when Crash Override is playing on Acid Burn's laptop in her bedroom during the party. You have to be a computer geek to recognize it, but then again these kids are supposed to be uber-hackers!
They are using an Apple/Macintosh Laptop but start talking about a P6 chip and PCI bus. The P6 chip is an Intel chip (we call it the Pentium 2), not Apple, and the PCI bus was not in Apple computers until much more recently. Just before this, the hackers (Nikon, Crash, and Goldstein) are ooh-ing and ahh-ing over it, and they mention that it has a twenty-eight point eight k-b-p-s modem!". No computer geeks talk like that. At most, someone would have said a "twenty-eight-eight modem" or "twenty-eight-eight-baud modem". Pedantic perhaps, but part of the culture.
These slip-ups wouldn't be so bad except this movie was supposed to show these super-computer users who end up being not so super. Perhaps a better on-site consultant could be used next time?
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voltaic on 11-12-2000
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Nimby writes:
They would not say baud instead of kbps because, while most people think so, they are not the same.
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jadesin writes:
Don't forget, this movie wasn't made recently, this was made a bit ago. Before the everyone was on the Internet and knew what k-b-p-s meant. they might have said things just to make the audience at large think, "Wow... they sure do know some fancy computer jargon talk" you know?
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chemguru writes:
They also mention that the P6 chip is a RISC ( reduced-instruction-set-computer ) chip. Intel has YET to release a chip based on RISC EXCEPT for the upcoming Itanium ( IA-64 ). All of the x86 chips are based on CISC ( complex-instruction-set-computer ). --Chemguru
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onkel writes:
voltaic, you are not much of a hacker yourself, or you'd known that the P6 is actually the Pentium Pro, not Pentium II. ;)
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Bonzo writes:
OK... I'm pretty sure that the actors used Macintosh, but for the sake of argument: They could have used OS 7 emulators... I know that this would be completely stupid, but it is possible...
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Nitsuj Bauya Chen writes:
if you can put a Pentium Chip in an Apple Mac and get it to run I will be impressed, they are about as compatible as a balloon in space. Macs and Intels have completely opposite architecture (So to speak) and the only way you could thoeretically get a Pentium to work in a Mac would be to have an intermediary device that swapped the pin set round, but then why not just buy a Pentium PC? it would be cheaper and faster and more reliable (IT Mantra: Use parts in the places that their ment for). I get particuarly bugged by 'hacker' films where the characters (Sic Script writers) display little or no knowledge of the subject... it may seem minor to the non IT literate person, but I bet policemen hate police dramas that get it wrong and my partner often picks fault with medical dramas (Shes an Occupation Therapist). I say support the original comment.
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Lord Syrinex writes:
I do not agree with the comment that hackers do not watch this movie. I have seen the movie and must agree with many of the comments that were made. It was made to impress the IT-illiterate and not us with any computer knowledge what-so-ever. I was quite impressed with the person who caught the P6=PII problem.
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l3e7 writes:
Like many movies, this one was made for entertainment. RISC vs CISC, P6 and other comments as well as the graphical representation used to depict 'hacking' are not accurate. However, that should not be enough to stop anyone from enjoying the movie and as previously mentioned, when this movie was released few people were aware of how computers really operated. Oh and yes, some hackers do watch this movie.
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Cyberman writes:
to the comment of "chemguru": As far as I remember the movie(I have seen it in german, so there might be translation errors) they are talking about the risc-STRUCTURE. This does not mean that the entire chip is built like a RISC, it just uses some of the features RISC processors have, such as multiple Pipeline, Branch Prediction, separated Data/Code cache and so on... But as I mentioned I saw the german version - so perhaps its only a translation mistake(wouldn´t be the first time in movie history ;-)
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Frosted Glass writes:
Cereal Killer is his handle. If you listen in the classroom scene when the teacher is doing a sort of attendance check, he asks Cereal for his name. "Emmanuel Goldstein?" "You however, are not on my list." "This isn't Wood shop class?!" And who says hackers don't watch the movie? The term hacker was originally coined as someone who "hacks" at their typewriter to meet a deadline, and has since been changed to reflect a computer expert interested in information and learning.. It has nothing to do with one's entertainment preferences.
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theSh/\D0W writes:
First of all you are wrong, Hackers along with most user today mix'n'match hardware, but only from the same architechture. RISC and CISC components do not work with one another, you have got more chance breeding a cat and a dog. Second of all I am more concerned that the GIBSON super computer uses 3 character passwords and it has control over oil tankers. All that fancy GUI and it only has a 3 character password!
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No_tol_us writes:
Look at it this way, the movie Hackers was designed to get the population to see computers as more than some box on that had no use. It was it's intention to appeal to those who had either never had any kind of knowledge of computers or those who had very little. The slip ups are amusing for todays standards but by no means does it have to be torn apart. Although the ogling over a 28.8 modem for today's standards on connection speed is a little amusing to say the least as I can remember using the systems that wouldn't get a connection better than 2b/s.
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FitzChivalry writes:
Long live Erik Corley! Also, to the German translation question...they say RISC architecture in the English version...haven't seen the movie for awhile
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soul less vishun writes:
the name isn't Goldstein, it's cereal killer (as in fruit loops) Goldstein as in Emanuel Goldstein is the enemy of the people in the book 1984 and/or the editor of 2600 hack zine who took his name from the book 1984 by George Orwell...
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bootboi writes:
Obviously he's not a hacker, hackers don't watch that movie.
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DMBfan0911 writes:
Lets make this really simple. These people are hackers. They probably mix and match parts to make a better computer. Why buy all from on company when you can make your own and better too. Doesn't that make things a little better?
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