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X-Men - Where Are the Holes?
In the scene where Wolverine stabs Rogue, look closely on her shirt. When she turns to leave the room, though it is obvious she was just stabbed through the chest, there are no holes in her shirt...
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Watch the X-Men movie
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Anonymous on 11-14-2000
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Rogue writes:
Whoever sent this 'slip-up' in obviously doesn't watch the movie very carefully. Rogue's pajamas have a hood, but they have a big hole in the back--it's backless. That would explain why there are no holes in her clothes--there was no part of the clothes there to get holes in!
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MlKE23 writes:
When the camera pans back, you see that wolvie's claws have cut rogue's see bare skin...there arent 3 holes...when she walks see the big opening in the slip in the back..and there is a little on in the front..right between her shoulder and chest. wolvie CANT heal clothes, btw...there were holes at the SoL..just look closer.
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Doctor X writes:
The X-Men outfits "heal" because they're made from unstable molecules, an invention of Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four that most of the more well-to-do super heroes of the Marvel Universe make their costumes out of. They're how he manages to keep himself covered when he's stretching and how Johnny Storm manages not to burn his clothes off. They also self-tailor and clean, so rips and tears repair themselves. (Peter Parker can't afford them, so that's why he has to make all of his costumes. And before some fanboy jumps on me, I'm excluding the symbiote there.)
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Aximili writes:
Anyway, why would Rogue have a nightgown made of unstable molecule? I doubt that she intended to go into battle with it on. The holes should still be in the front of the nightgown because Wolverine's healing power doesn't work on clothes. Wolverine's healing power is the same as a regular human's only it works a heck of a lot faster.
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canis187 writes:
Off the subject, but about unstable-molecules. The x-men and The Fantastic Four both exist in the same universe. There are numerous cross-over comics where they all meet. Including everyones favorite wall crawler. That established the unstable molecule clothing is VERY expensive and VERY resilient. that would explain the healing nightgown, however who could afford one? don't know if its a slip up, but there are reasons for everything...
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asylrecht writes:
ok so the point has been made about the holes in the shirt not being there. good eyes. now the question has been brought up about the other super heros, why they weren't there. hello this is a movie about the x-men not the fantastic four. as for the blood on her blouse, did you see any blood on wolverine after he healed up? no, so if she used his healing ability then she would have (probably) absorbed the blood as well. thats about it.
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KenDaLL WoLf writes:
Jade- I think she heard him through the wall and went to check it out.
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cyber writes:
This is no slip up she got healed by using or "stealing" his powers. Wolverine's clothes don't have holes when he stabs hi self in the statue of liberty.
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Steve Crow writes:
Of course, as best we can tell, there don't seem to be any other superheroes in the "Marvel Universe" presented in the movie. if the Fantastic Four (or the Avengers, or Daredevil or Spiderman) were around, it seems likely they might have responded to the several emergencies that occur throughout the movie, or be referenced by Senator Kelly, or something. Regardless, the real question is: what happens to the blood on Rogue's shirt? First it's there, then it's not...
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Jade writes:
I want to know what she was doing in his room to begin with. Yeah, he had a bad dream and she woke him up, but why was she there to hear him?
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