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Predator - Other Problems with the Scorpion
In the scene where the Predator examines the dead Scorpion, it is using heat vision, and you can see the Scorpion's body heat escaping once its dead. I applaud the creator's efforts to show this, most films won't go this far for detail, but the creators missed something. Scorpions do not have body heat.
1. Scorpions are arachnids, which in reality are cold-blooded. Do not take this literally, it has little to with their blood and body heat, it has more to with the amount of chambers their heart has. A crocodile is cold-blooded, but it still has its own interior body temperature under the protective skin. But a scorpion does not, or has very little. If you put a scorpion, or a snake on ice, it will die in a matter of seconds. Because they do not have sufficient body heat, they need to live in hot places that will provide that for them.
2. Even if the scorpion had its own heat, it would have such a small amount, the Predator would not notice it. It would be camouflaged against the logs/trees/shrubs and rocks.
3. Even if it had its own heat again, it would not leave its body in such a fast time.
So, no, it never had that much noticeable heat to begin with.
Special Requirements:
Movie, and knowledge of Arachnids
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Nigel Sutherland writes:
Rubbish. Whatever the Predator is using, it isn't heat (or infra-red) detection. It doesn't matter what it says in the colouring book or the Game Boy Junior, we are discussing the film. Just before Mac stabs the scorpion, the Predator looks at him. Mac is leaning on the hulk of a burning helicopter, which doesn't even register. Even if the metal has cooled down enough to be undetectable (which is absurd) the damn thing is still burning! When Billy laughs at the "girlfriend/echo" joke, the Predator has another close look. Billy is surrounded by burning ordinance, none of which shows up. Just to make sure we get the point, just before the Predator looks at the scorpion (in its own hand) it has a nice, leisurely look about the wrecked and burning village and the surrounding landscape. None of the many dozens of small and large fires show up. When Billy tells Dutch that "there is something in the trees", we see them in PredatorVision (TM), and their abdomens show up white, then yellow, orange and red. They are wearing flak jackets; their body heat should hardly register. Besides, the top of the head is where the body loses most of its heat, and theirs shows a cool blue. Just before the girl tries her escape we see Dutch and Billy through the Predators eyes; Billy's headband is red (hot) but his face is blue (cool). In the next shot the colours are reversed. How? Later, when he faces the Predator alone on the bridge, the blade of his machete is white - very hot - and so are his arms and shoulders. That's an impossible configuration. There is lots more in the film to show that infra-red is not being used. It's just a pretty studio effect symbolising who knows what. So there.
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Predman008 writes:
The Predator does use heat vision, but a special kind that allows him to detect humans.(he can set frquiences to adjust to the planet and the prey) The reason he could see the scorpion was already mentioned, The scorpion is cold blooded and was absorbing heat on Dillion's back. The reason he couldn't detect the heat from the wreckage was because he had his mask set to pick up body heat and blood circulation.(which explains why he could not see through the mud but picked up the boar under the log, the only part of the boar he could see was the part showing up through the cracks.)
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I have no name writes:
I find it kind of funny that you people question the use of the infra-red of this movie, but are not bothered by "special forces" running around in the woods with miniguns and the like, firing into the trees, not to mention killer aliens from space with no clear purpose for being here. Or people escaping nuclear blasts by diving into trenches? This is a MOVIE, it is not meant to be taken seriously in any way, shape, or form. Now you can get a life.
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Matrix_Forensics_Laboratories writes:
And you think that was a realistic description of a scorpion? IT IS NOT! That scene was filmed using a normal camera, and the colors were added later in a studio lab, and I have proof for you: You cannot use a real heat detector in daylight, that is a load of rubbish. The surrounding UV light from the sun and sky is enough to make it impossible to see an object. The Predator has this technology, but we do not. The scorpion's radiating is not an accurate heat representation. Another reason is the fact that the Predator couldn't see Arnie in mud, this is another slip up in itself, I might post it. HOW CAN MUD BLOCK HEAT??? It can't! In that case we should all break into houses with those wall mounted heat censors (as opposed to those cheaper 'motion' censors)covered in mud! Heat can escape mud, even cool mud, it will gradually warm up, and Arnie would be visible in no time, and be spoted clearly at night if that was the case, I cannot believe Arnie was completely invisible to the Predator in mud, and the scorpion was as bright as a human. These heat detected scenes are not authentic, we have no cameras that can be used in daylight, maybe the Predator does, but there is proof that that scene was enhanced.
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mr bumpy writes:
Just a little note on scorpions. I once saw a demonstration wheras a live scorpion was frozen solid in block of ice, then thawed in an oven, and left inside at baking temperatures. The little devil was crawling about quite happily. The are quite resilient creatures.
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ToddRMe writes:
The scorpion was sitting on the guy's back (probably for warmth). He would have absorbed the man's body heat, becoming human-temperature. So he would appear to be the same temperature as the people. Being so small, this temperature would rapidly chang back to the ambient temperature, whether the scorpion was dead or not. As for Sutherland, you obviously never watched the second movie, where Keyes explicitly says that the Predator "can see in only one spectrum, infra-red." He goes on to see that the see "our body heat." The Predator helmet allows him to switch between various infra-red frequencies (which get Keyes and his men killed in the second movie) but in this movie the predator (or Yuitja, as they call themselves) stick with the frequencies that identify humans.
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Mindbender writes:
The Predator is watching the exchange between the two when the scorpion is killed. It walks over to pick up the scorpion because he wants to see what they were doing. When the Predator picks up the scorpion, it's emitting heat that can be detected by the sensors it is using. The scorpion's corpse begins to adjust to the heat of the Predator and the environment which is being filtered out by the sensors, so it registers a change. Also, there certainly ARE infra-red detection devices that work during daytime. They don't necessarily make the nice color differentials that we see in the movie, but they work. Usually they show bright white areas that 'have heat' and dark areas that don't. Heck, there is even infrared sensitive 35mm film that can be bought for your camera right off the shelf...I know people that shoot in it all the time because it adds an interesting effect.
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naDah writes:
let's see here...a slip-up is when something is wrong, right? good... we all know that the predator is an alien thus making it pretty certain that he doesn't use human technology, right? therefor this isn't a slip-up 'cos we don't know what he is using to see.... but as for the making of the fx is a whole nother thing...
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ToddRMe writes:
First of all, the predator uses infra-red, it is clearly stated in Predator 2, in the aliens versus predator 1 and 2 computer games, and the comics. Second, the Predator is here to hunt humans for sport, their whole culture is centered around it (once again, from predator 2, the comics, and the games) for those of you who are wondering. I don't expect you to rush out and buy comics, but at least watch the whole series before speculating on things like whether the predator uses infra-red or wondering why they are here. This is like having a big discussion about where alien eggs might come from when it is clearly stated in Aliens
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Matrix_Forensics_Laboratories writes:
Once again, you are wrong. IT IS SAID THAT THE PREDATOR USES HEAT DETECTORS!!! The creators behind the Predator always say this in the Dark-Horse comic books and the Authentic game - Aliens vs Predator. In that game, the Predator has a Heat Detector, Electro-Magnetic(seek aliens) Detector and some other one. Look carefully in the films, The trees and rocks and water are dark blue, whereas the people are bright yellow, orange, red and with some tips of green. This colour Spectrum can only be 'Heat', because if it where another Spectrum, it would not pick out humans, and if it did, it would pick out other plant-life too. Humans do not appear on a lot of Spectrums, and they DO NOT appear on the other 2 Spectrums the Predator has. So what does that leave us with? And by the way, why should I 'settle down'? I am not over-reacting. I am perfectly calm. I am responding to a person who does not have their facts straight. How is this over-reacting? Is it not human to correct another in the comment section of a slip-up?
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Nigel Sutherland writes:
Settle down, laddie - it's only a film! First, nobody ever said the Predator is using a heat detecting camera, it is just assumed. We don't know what he is detecting. It could be the minute electrical field around a body, which would be blocked by mud. That doesn't explain the fading scorpion image, but maybe the Predator, ugly though he is, can adjust the sensitivity of his detectors so they "ignore" dead tissue. A corpse poses no threat - why would he be interested? Of course they didn't use infra red film on the set! It would have been fogged by heat from the loader's hands! Almost all infra-red filming is done with videotape anyway, but there is no reason that they can't print that onto 35mm film stock later. I don't think anyone assumed that it is anything but a lab effect anyway, but it is amusing to argue what the effect is supposed to represent.
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Nigel Sutherland writes:
All of which assumes that the Predator has instruments designed for human eyesight, based upon human values, and it obviously does not. The scorpion's body temperature will be different to its environment; not much, true, but nonetheless different - and that will be a measurable difference. Once it dies, the temperature differential closes rapidly - and that is exactly what the film shows; the "hot" parts of the scorpion's body lose their colour as the ambient temperature drops. So, all you have to assume is that the Predator's sensors are set to display tiny differences in temperature, and who knows how important that might be to a creature like that?
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