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Titanic - Make-Up
After Rose has been inside of the water for all the time she has perfect make-up. Did they have water-proof mascara back then? I thought not.
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the Movie...DUH
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Jabba the Hutt on 10-11-2000
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Matrix_Forensics_Laboratories writes:
HAHAHA this is a good one. Good call music man. This is a common problem to nearly all Hollywood movies since the dawn of time. Look at the old and new James Bond films for example, Bond's hair is always perfect after dodging all those explosions, ducking from gunfire and after having all those fist fights, and he still gets the girl with a perfect do in the end. Look at other films like: Tarzan; after living like an ape in the Forrest after 20-or-so years, he still has a decent hair style, a nice clean-shaved face and gets the girl with his primitive knowledge of -English-?!? Jurassic Park; Sam Neil and that chic(cant remember name) still had a well-formed hair-do after so much rain, running and dino-dodging. Baywatch series; Do I need to explain? The list could go on, and on, and on. I might even probably slow the whole slip-up server if I wrote every makeup detail I noticed. I really can't remember a film or show with a realistic hair-do after so much happened in the film, except for Saving P. Ryan, the Thin Red Line, and other films with the realistic label. Can anybody out there remember a film with good hair do's and makeup? Give the film an Oscar.
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SideShow writes:
This is a good point, since if you look at the beginning of the movie after Rose's attempted suicide and Jack's rescue, when she is talking to Cal, her mascara is obviously smeared from crying. You would think that ocean water would have the same effect.
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Jussac writes:
Although make-up WAS around in those days, Lucky made a good point. I think Rose was not meant to be wearing makeup. 1912 was barely out of the Victorian era, and it was considered slutty for a society-girl to be wearing makeup. (However, I notice she is DISTINCTLY wearing lipstick when they first go to dinner.)
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Liss writes:
I just want to back up the person who said makeup was considered slutty to wear back then. You are very very right! And whoever made makeup sound common back then is wrong. Only stage actors wore makeup and it wasnt like modern makeup, not until the 20s did people like Maxfactor start coming up with the more modern not so waxy makeup. I mean sure they had a primitive forms of makeup a long time ago but no one wore it past the Egyptian Greek ages. What Im saying is in real life Rose wouldnt have worn makeup on the Titanic unless she wanted to be thought of as a "loose woman".
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Matrix_Forensics_Laboratories writes:
Lucky, you are wrong. They even had mascara in the Elizabethan era, Shakespear's time (16th century), male theater performers wore female make-up to look like women as women were not allowed on stage at that time. Those male performers even had lipstick, eye shadow, cheek blush, dresses and wigs. Women in the Titanic period (this same century) even had those metallic eyelash curlers. Just because Revlon was not around back then doesn't mean makeup wasn't. Some African tribes even have a mascara and other eye shadow equivalent. Female make-up has existed ever since the woman was considered very attractive in a specific culture.
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sailormystika writes:
Has anyone considered the possibility that all that water might have washed it away and/or she might have unknowingly wiped it away?
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Morna writes:
We women are told over and over that that point of wearing makeup is to make it look like you're not wearing any...and I don't think a proper woman of that time would wear it, so they had to go for the natural look. On the off-chance that Rose (the character) wore mascara, it might have all washed off by the time she's on the Carpathia.
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ConanaBanana02 writes:
i actually felt that when rose was on the carpathia she looked homely and pale. her eyes seemed a little dark like she was stressed and tired.
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Lucky writes:
Of course she had perfect make-up, she didn't wear make-up. Did they even have Mascara back then?
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Brokenpole2003 writes:
Alrighty... YES during your EDWARDIAN era you did see the beginnings of make-up, Like lip stick, a little blush, some mascara, and powder. True Max Factor was not around at the time you had other stuff. Considering Rose's social status(at least her faux status) it was acceptable for her to be wearing some make-up. Now why her makeup did not run is because Hollywood wanted her to look spectacular so on with the slip ups.
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frogsnmonkeys writes:
maybe the water was so cold that it "froze" the on a hot summer day, if you put makeup on, you can put your head in the refrigerator for a few seconds and it will "freeze" it
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HEHEHEME writes:
The chic in Jurassic Park is Laura Dern.
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