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Twister - Same People
At the beginning when Jo and her family are running from the tornado, remember what her dad and mom look like.
Now, go to just after the tornado went through Wotanga, where Jo's aunt live, and while there driving through all the rubble, you see a family all hugging and crying, because their house was blown down. It's the same people, but wait, didn't they already die 30 years earlier. Oops!!!
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Anonymous on 09-19-2000
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stacie_yates writes:
Just a thought, because I haven't seen it in a while, but the resemblance of the family to Jo's own or the use of the same people (if it was the same group) seems intentional to me. Perhaps the family is supposed to remind you of Jo's family, it's supposed to show you that she's remembering what happened to her own family. Since Jo's loss and that loss driving her research and work are a major theme of the movie, it seems pretty likely that the filmmakers would deliberately use similar or identical actors to highlight the memory of her loss. I took that scene as being sort of like a flashback.
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Zollars writes:
Reporter... You're wrong. Yes, it IS unrealistic.. as is the entire movie, however, you got a few of your facts horribly wrong. Yes, you cannot run from a tornado on foot, and yes, as close as they were, they would most likely have been sucked up. It is LIKELY they would have been hit by debris, but not in that area.. the tornado had just been through lots of wheat fields.. not much that can kill in those. You then say that the tornado would have killed them when it passed over because an F-5 contains 300+ MPH winds and would have sucked the air out of their lungs. NOT TRUE! First, an F-5 contains winds between 261-318 MPH, not 300+. At 319, you enter the F-6 designation which is called Inconceivable by the National Weather Service. Second, the air would not be sucked out of the lungs... how do I know this? I am a survivor of the May 3, 1999 F-5 Oklahoma City tornado. It passed right over me, and a few thousand other people. The ones that died were killed by debris, not from suffocation. If you are a meteorology major as you claim, you would know this. Please check your own facts before you post next time.
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Nickole writes:
I thought it was meant to be, like Jo had a flashback or something. Besides, you can see the father this time.
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Winnie writes:
I just had to put my two cents in worth here. Just to let you all know it isn't the same people. They were put there to remind us of how her family was destroyed 30 years earlier and how the same sized tornado almost destroyed it again. Another small point that I would like to add is that only the dad died in the beginning and not the mother so they all didn't die in the beginning like was said. If you look at Helen Hunts face as they are driving through and she sees the family it is a sympathetic look and also one where this father survived and hers didn't. Once again this is not the same family from the beginning cause I thought that at first too but I looked closer and it isn't. Sorry for the long windedness.
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moviechic writes:
There was no city called Wotonga in the movie. The city in which Jo's aunt lived was Wakita.
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Nickole writes:
It says, Wotanga; but anyway, YES it is Wakita.
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PBODYMLI writes:
I've watched this movie more times than I can begin to tell you, it's honestly my favorite. The family we see in the beginning and in Wakita are the same people. It's not a blooper or a slip up, but intentional. Meant as a flash back to remind us of what Jo experienced as a child; her father's death, loss of her home, and simply having no warning. While some parts do not seam real, it's a movie and that's what movies are about. Still all in all, it's an amazing movie.
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reporter writes:
At the end of the movie, when they are running through the field with the F-5 right behind them, that scene is totally un-realistic. I am a meteorology major and I'm a storm chaser on the side and I know that number 1, you can't "run" from any tornado on foot; 2, they would have been sucked up by the tornado, even if they were 500 feet away from it; 3, if the tornado did not suck them up, they would have been hit by stuff flying through the air; and 4, when they were holding on for dear life in that well and the tornado went right over them, they would have definitly died. That would be impossible to survive. F-5 tornadoes have speeds over 300mph...that piece of leather holding them would have broke, plus the wind would have sucked out of their lungs and stuff flying in the tornado would have killed them. This whole sequence is completely un-realistic. I thought movies were supposed to seem real?
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