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Highlander: Endgame - A Real Big Writing Mistake
The writers of Highlander: Endgame have made one of the biggest mistakes screenwriters can make. They have forgotten the storyline of one of the previous Highlander movies. Highlander 2 takes place in the year 2525, WITH Connor Mcleod. As you know, Highlander: Endgame takes place in the present day. But near the end of the movie, Connor makes Duncan kill him so Duncan can fight Kell with their combined strength. Do the writers really expect us to forget Highlender 2 completely. The studio also made a mistake when they didn't pick up on this mistake in the storyline.
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A knowledge of the Highlander movie series.
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Oilers61 on 09-06-2000
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3pwud writes:
It is 'official' that the series timeline is not related to the films. Well it has been said in interviews by people who work in the series company including Adrian Paul himself. So therefore the series fits perfectly into place and the films after one, and some of the events in one itself, do not fit in anywhere. They are to be watched seperately. And if you watch the Renegade version of Highlander 2 it DOES make sense with the first film. The silly 1st cut and 3rd films are the errors here. This is why Endgame is NOT called Highlander 4 though people would have it believed to be so. And yes Highlander 2 said Brenda was killed in a crash - in America and the silly detective from 3 said a crash in Scotland. The renegade also describes how he managed to CHANGE swords: the fights took place at completely different locations which is not what you see in the 1st version :)
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Steve Crow writes:
Why do you expect the four movies to be continuous? Yep, the writers expect us to forget H2, which clearly didn't take place in "this" continuity of H4. Although H1 and H3 are probably the closest (although there are still discrepancies), NONE of the four movies are set in the same continuity. At best, H4 is set in the "TV series" continuity, and is more or less consistent with that. H1 and H3 are also more or less set in the same continuity, although the H3 writers hedge their bets, implying that Connor never became mortal or could sire children after the events of H1. If you assume that preceding movies have the "best" continuity, then H3 is the worst offender, since H2 shows Brenda Wyatt to have died of radiation poisoning shortly before 2000 (as seen in the Director's Cut), but then she dies in a car accident in the early 1990's! And even if you assume this movie is continuous with H3, there's no reason to assume that John MacLeod, Connor's adopted son, wasn't killed at some point (probably by Kell - good riddance! :) ) and they just didn't bother to mention it. None of the 4 movies are really continuous, and the writers never really claim they are. Saying this movie doesn't follow "previous continuity" when no such claim to continuity is made really doesn't qualify the problems with H4 as slip-ups.
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The Briggster writes:
To Steve- it is not a mistake that There is inconsistencies about Brenda's death, because you said it was only in the director's cut- Therefore, they cut it out, so H3, is the only reference to her death.
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The Briggster writes:
I don't care what anyone says. If Connor Is the "same" Connor, as in the previous movies, this is a huge writing error. Don't say they are not meant to be continuous- they are! Stop covering up for the film makers errors!!
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topcsrep writes:
Any self-respecting Highlander fan will deny that Highlander 2 was ever done. Just take a look at the Highlander fan sites, hardly a reference to it. WHY??? Because it was so stupid and far-fetched that even we didn't want to cop to it being done.
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heresy writes:
Well if you really are keeping track, none of them work together. There is a flaw in every one of them that makes it so that the next one will not work. Especially if you take the TV series in to play ( Where Duncan comes in to play.). Which had Connor in it for the first 1 or 2 shows. So you should take each one as its own movie.
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xcitable writes:
erm ok first Highlander set in the past (eighties was the present when released) Connor wins the prize all good. Second Highlander two they get around it by stating they are alien convicts, more get sent to earth and connor loses prize all good. Oh wait the alien thing causes another problem an Immortal becomes an immortal after they die for the first time (seen in Highlander (Connor) and Highlander the series Richie). So an immortal gets born, grows up, gets killed and then comes back. In this film they just appear from nowhere fully grown and are immortal. Oh and they carry swords but they come from an advanced race? (they are supposedly not immortal on their planet either so why swords?) Three, major balls up Highlander 3 (set after Highlander but before the second film) if an immortal was locked in a cave then connor was not last thus he could not win the prize which Highlander made clear he did. Four, Endgame (set in the present) Hmm major c*ck ups Duncan should not even be alive by now Connor won the prize in the past (highlander)and he is shown in the future in the second film he does not give up his life. Anyway Connor was always much cooler than Duncan (and a better swordsman) so he should have taken Duncan's head then gone on to the final battle.
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Budwyza writes:
This is to The MORON who said that Highlander 2 doesn't exist. It does very well exist. The problem with it was the producers took over the movie and changed if you watch the DVD with the commentary you will find this out.
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voltaic writes:
This is because there was no Highlander 2. I didn't buy a copy of the DVD, nor did I ever rent the three or four copies at my video store. The movie doesn't exist, no matter what you may own or think you have seen. ;-)
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