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Simpsons - "Homer Is a Dope"...Or Is He?
This slipup occurs in the episode where Homer sees something in the woods that he believes to be an alien (but turns out to be Mr. Burns). When the town is gathered in the woods, Marge is shown wearing a shirt that says "Homer is a Dope." But moments later she is shown in her normal green outfit. Given such an event, you would think she would have left the shirt on until they at least saw the alien.
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Anonymous on 09-06-2000
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AntiPLazmaN writes:
Umm, Eurisko, Nebouske was being sarcastic...just goes to show you how far people will go to feel right.
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mango writes:
IT IS A CARTOON, are you going to watch Tom and Jerry and say they run past the same backround now?
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DarkDraconis writes:
Actually, the main reason that there is Ichy and Scratchy cartoons is because when the Simpsons first came to Fox, it was considered a vulger, violent, not-to-be-viewed-by-kids show. Itchy and Scratchy were created as a parody of sorts, it showed, in the series, that a violent cartoon can and will still be popular with children. That's my theory, anyway. Also, has anyone who has watched the Simpsons long enough also noticed that when the series first started on Fox, it was considered a bad show, but now is one of the least profanic, vulger, etc shows on Fox? I remember, in one simpsons episode, that, i believe Lisa said it, "it's hard to believe how Fox became a hard core sex channel." or something. Anyways, looks like Groening's little prophecy is coming true! :)
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Eurisko writes:
Nebosuke: it's got nothing to do with cats having 9 lives, nor is it any sort of mistake. It's a cartoon within a cartoon! The point of I&S is that Scratchy always dies. It's even hi-lighted in the episode where Homer has to go back to university and makes friends with the puter nerds, who subsequently come and live with him. Bart and Lisa are watching I&S, which Bart mentions is so special because "it's the only time Scratchy ever gets the better of Itchy". Anyway, my point is that the point of the I&S cartoons is that Scratchy will always die. It's a cartoon - anything can happen in cartoons. Including killing off one of the main characters every episode. It's not reality (neither is The Simpsons, really, for that matter).
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Boofey writes:
Its just like all the other cartoons such as Wylie the coyote and the road runner. Wylie dies every time he tries to get the road runner and he's always back the next episode. ITS JUST A CARTOON!
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Number8DaleJrFan writes:
I&S is just like South Park. If one character is killed (i.e. Kenny and Scratchy), then they'd HAVE to come back or else the show wouldn't be funny anymore. Kenny's deaths are my fav. part of south Park. If Kenny got killed in the first episode and never came back, the show wouldn't NEARLY be as popular as it is today..
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MonkeyMan writes:
Maybe it's a slip-up, or maybe it's just cuz Homer's a moron, but when Marge tells him the shirt is 100% cotton and has fine stitching on the word "DOPE", Homer asks to buy one, yet just a few seconds before that, the t-shirt seller guy said they were sold out.
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Nebosuke writes:
Not only that mango, but did you also notice that every time Itchy & Scratchy are shown on the Simpsons, Scratchy dies but then is alive again the next time they are on??? At first I attributed it to cats having 9 lives, but there have been way more than 9 Itchy & Scratchy episodes. What a major mistake!
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