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Sailor Moon - Moon-Face? How Do They Know?
Have you ever seen the S series? So you all would know Michelle and Amara call Serena "Moon-face" All of the time. This is a reference to her being from the how do they know? They don't find out until the middle of the series?
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Um...the S series?
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chica_b on 08-20-2000
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Ryoko writes:
I have all the original episodes on tape. Personally, I hate all dubbers. They always mess with the original content. It scares me to think that America, home of the free, is homophobic. Getting back on track, Moon-face was a pretty dumb dub. Haruka could have at least called her dumpling head or something else to that extent. The reason that Haruka called Usagi that in the first place was to mock her lovingly, like Mamoru. And if you think that they are going to mess up SuperS wait until Sailor Stars comes out. How are they going to get around the facts that everyone dies, the starlights are cross-dresers and that Usagi flies naked at the end?
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SailorJuMoon writes:
actually i dont they will put anything on Usagi/Serena. i know this is off topic but i had to add it. Have you ever noticed that in their transformations that the Dub took the breast lines out? But if you look closely, you can still see them on the sides. Why is everyone complaining about the dub????? if it wasnt for the dub, probably most of you wouldnt even know what Sailor Moon was! (Note- this probably dont include those who has the original tapes) and if they took the breast lines out in transformations, they they probably will do that to the naked Usagi....and shorten the clip. If you disagree with me or you want to further discuss this, then please email me!
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Diceman writes:
*cough* Getting back on topic...*cough* When Amara called Serena "Moonface," I first thought that Moonface was how they had decided to translate Serena's surname. In another episode, however, Serena introduces herself to some guy as "Serena Tsukino." Later I found out on a website that Amera was supposed to be calling Serena "meatball head." "Moonface" was a mis-translation.
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Disgruntled writes:
The problem is, Odanga Atama is meaningless to the vast majority of North American viewers. Sheesh, the dub wasn't *that* bad. At least it kept to the script a lot better than DIC did and we got to keep the name Hotaru. And besides, it's not like you don't have every one of the original episodes on tape.
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Disgruntled writes:
Where do you get off calling America homophobic? Just because people have decided that teaching about sexuality should be done by parants instead of a childrens TV show dosen't make them homophobic. Besides, there are homophobes in every country. Just like there are subtitle Nazi's in every country. And so what if they painted bikini's on some of the characters? It didn't change the scene in any way. It's really sad that in order to enjoy the show you have to see naked animated characters.
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sesame85 writes:
Ryoko, had Sailor Stars been brought to the US, chances are that the scouts would never HAVE died. They would have been captured by the enemy. And The Sailor Starlights owuld DEFINATLY be made as girls. Fortunately, the evil Dic-ers will not be getting their hands on Sailor Stars. They just are not interested, and if they had been, it would have been dubbed eons ago. We'll just have to read our way along with subtitles, which, thank the goddess, doesn't change anything.
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Chyouno writes:
Welp, again.. Cloverway is making these mistakes. I personally like "Odango Atama" then "Moon-face". I guess that they weren't thinking when they dubbed the S Season, or.. like DiC, they were on drugs. Cloverway is being too lazy when dubbing these episodes. (I'm still mad over the fact that "Amara" and "Michelle" and COUSINS! *Coff*) I repeat: Cloverway is just being lazy, if I were them, I'd do the dub a lot better. Sarcastic: I can't wait until Cartoon Network shows the SuperS season! Let's watch as Fisheye gets a sex change! I'm done complaining. ^_^
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WaySarcastic writes:
They'll probably have Usagi/Serena in a very crappy=looking, obviously added on bikini.
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Disgruntled writes:
And since when do the actions of one group of people automatically make everyone homophobic? Oh, shut up.
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Disgruntled writes:
By the way, if you want to continue this discussion, move it somewhere else, it is getting off topic and I will not read here.
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Ravyn writes:
Moon-face is a terrible translation because in the Sailor Moon comics, they call her Meat-ball Head or Muffin Head. And for the homophobic thing, yea it sucks because how can Sailor Uranus and Neptune be sisters....when in Japan they are lesbian lovers??
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