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Sailor Moon - How Did You Know We Were Cousins?
In the episode of Sailor Moon when Sailor Moon and Sailor Uranus are handcuffed together in a cave, Sailor Moon says something like "Well aren't you going to go save your cousin?" But Sailor Moon shouldn't have known that it was Sailor Uranus's cousin, since she didn't know that it was really Amara and Michelle yet.
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An episode in Sailormoon S
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luvkatz321 on 07-20-2000
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DumbBlondie writes:
OK all I can say, is that I never noticed that when I watched the dubbed. I am an american, and I use to believe that Haruka and Michiru were cousins...until I happened to drop by a site that were fan's of the Haruka and Michiru romance. Of course being the short tempered person that I was, I told them off. Saying that they were not lovers but cousins. Well they kicked me off, saying that I was a dense american who had no life and only watched the dubbed. After they said those things to me, I decided to find out if Haruka and Michiru really WERE lovers, so I looked up some things on them and sure enough there were lovers. So you see, no matter what DiC or Cloverway does...everyones going to find out sooner or later. DiC and Cloverway are really lame if they think they can cover up the truth, others will find out and spread is an insult to Naoko to make them cousins. And I personally don't respect them for doing that.
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Kat writes:
Whose idea was it for Haruka and Michiru to be cousins anyway? If THAT'S the only explanation Cloverway can give, I can't wait for the Star Lights ;-)
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prodigy @ site beta 2 writes:
My friend says that in the Japanese version (excuse me if I'm wrong), Amara & Michele are gay. For the American version, they made them "cousins", but they keep leaving hints. In the preview of a future episode, they show Amara (or Uranus, i don't know) falling off of something, and then Michele (Neptune) goes to catch her, and she says "You've been eating sweets again" and then Amara says "let's save that talk for bed" Hint, hint!
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sesame85 writes:
If Cloverway is afraid to let Americans know that there is such a thing as someone liking someone of the same sex, then why did they even dub it? I hate to say this, but if they are going to ruin it, there's no point in even airing it. Oh, check out all the things they've ever cut out of BSSM at:
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WaySarcastic writes:
Hey! Another Amara spelling! I've seen Amarah, Immara, Emara, Hamara(is she a pig or something?)...but I always used Amara. Anyway, the Scouts find out their identities in "No Turning Back", the episode where Mina's heart crystal gets taken out. ^_^ ===Sailor WaySarcastic, signing off===
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qbert writes:
I hate the whole "cousins" thing. Why can't people just accept the fact that they're lovers?? Is it that hard??? Oh well. At the end of the episode, they find out Amara isn't a boy. That part was so hilarious, even with Cloverway doing it!!! (I have the Japanese clip, so I know how it actually goes. Makoto doesn't say "Where's the fox?", though).
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Ryoko writes:
Actually, they found out that Michiru and Haruka are senshi in the episode where tuxedo mask is frozen by Kiorie Night. But, if you know the Japanese version, they aren't cousins at all.
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WaySarcastic writes:
It's "Friendly Foes".
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Yvette writes:
Well, sorry but you are wrong. Serena says you better save your cousin cuz Amara was whearing a special perfume that serena smelled that morning. So sailormoon remembers that scent and thinks, that must be amara. so she says"you better save your cousin" and thats how she knew about Uranus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Starmie3001 writes:
I was just wondering about this (I know it doesn't have alot to do with the topic), but in the episode where Mina races in the arcade against Amaura (sp??) don't they firnd out Amaura and Michell are Sailor Uranus and Neptune at the end?
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Sailor Moon writes:
I agree with the perfume as to how Serena figured out about Sailor Uranus and Neptune being cousins. As to the dub, this is American televison children. And this was the early-mid 90's too. Most Japanese animation back then was enjoyed by younger audiences. Also Japanese animation (acually all animation) has more rules than regular television. If Sailor Moon was created and dubbed today there would probably be less cuts and edits, but gay is just not allowed in any animation in America young children have access to.
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