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Sailor Moon - Mistakes in "Follow the Leader"
In the episode "Follow the Leader" there are a lot of mistakes.
1. Amy said "let's make me leader" then Rei replied "No way, I was a sailor scout before you" but this isn't true Amy was a scout before Rei!
2. Rei said "Remember Sailor Moon when we fought the four sisters of Nemesis" and they started playing clips. Later Rei said "Stop stalling Meatball Head and let's talk about who's going to be the new leader" but Rei is the one who brought it up.
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The episode "Follow The Leader"
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Anonymous on 06-29-2000
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WaySarcastic writes:
Ryoko, Follow the Leader was in Japan, you moron. Did they just skip from Episode 88 to 90?! And think about what it'd be like without DiC. *SABAN* would own Sailor Moon. Wow. Makes DiC sound good, eh? And I saw the Saban trailer. I almost puked on my keyboard. Blowing off steam, WaySarcastic
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Disgruntled writes:
Many mistakes. 1. It is NOT Rei who says "I was a Sailor Scout before you", it's Mina who says it! 2. First off, Jedite was a lot worst than Neflyte (he became a good guy, remember?) and the other Scouts could have *told* Lita about him. And even if the other Generals were worse than Jedite how does that make him any less "bad news?" He was was still evil! 3. This episode was created in Japan, actually. So yeah, anime companies can be just as lame as any other company.
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Master Moron writes:
Chibi, the Japanese version of Sailor Moon is not a pornography. And there is a big difference between the DiC version and the Japanese version. The DiC version has horrible music and horrible voices.
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Bunny Shields writes:
While we're on the subject of this episode, Here's another one. One of the scouts (I can't remember which) makes a comment about what if the new enemy is like Jedite. Then Lita adds her comment that Jedite "was bad news" and that they should be careful. My question is, since Lita didn't show up until the episode after Neflyte died, how does she know how bad Jedite was? And anyway, the other three generals were worse than Jedite. Please, can't they get someone who knows the story line to dub these episodes or at least make sure the voice actresses aren't switching lines with each other!?!
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ChibiHaruka012 writes:
OK, you people worship Japan way too much. Most of you out there say dubs are evil. SHAPE UP. If it werent for the dubs, you wouldn't even know what the hell sailor moon was. Face it, it's the truth, and you used to like it. This message isn't for everyone, just those who read and agree with those above making fun of DiC. DiC did the best they could *many many hours* of translating the episodes in to what would be a suitable, enjoyable show. Just because it doesn't have Usagi (Serena) And Mamorou(Darien) Making out on the couch all the time doesn't mean DiC can't translate. Your parents wouldnt let you watch that and you know it. DiC just doesnt want to be sued... moral: shape up your attitude, I've been to Japan,(a long time ago) I've watched their Sailor Moon shows, and trust me...they aren't that different.
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V_Magius writes:
The episode was supposed to be a preview of the next season. It was not done by the characters, but by the voice actors. It had stuff like saying they hoped they got more screen time and how important their characters should be.
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Ryoko writes:
Actually, that episode was just made up by DiC (that explains A LOT). I think that the Japanese were smart enough not to do a show that lame. And DiC is demented because it is a division of the Walt Disney corporation.
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Psymon writes:
Actually, DiC had nothing to do with me getting into Sailor Moon. Fansubs did it. So there.
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Meggie writes:
First of all, I've read the transcript for the Japanese version of "Follow the Leader", and it is WAY stupider than the English translation. The dialogue has no real relevance to the clips (for the most part) and it's just a goofy, self-reflexive episode. Second of all, the Jupiter comment wasn't really a mistake, in my opinion, and I didn't really see anything wrong with this episode (and I've seen it millions of times) other than the fact that if Dic had not secured that they were dubbing the rest of the series, they shouldn't have made a teaser that would send most Sailor Moon Fans into a fit of rage for the next, what was it? Four years?
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