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Dead Poets' Society - The Danburys
When Knox Overstreet is in the changerooms with his friends he mentions going to see the Danburys. His friends tease him and ask who the Danburys are and he says they're friends of his fathers and he doesn't know them. Later when they are all studying Knox comes in and announces he's met a wonderful girl who is practically engaged to Chet Danbury. Now, instantly, not only does he know who Chet Danbury is, but so do all his friends!
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Anonymous on 05-13-2000
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Jenn writes:
You are contridicting yourself. He "TELLS" his friends he is going to dinner at the home of his parents' friends, the Dananbery's. Then he returns from dinner and tells them he is in love with Kris, who is practically engaged to "Chet Dananbery". They know who the Dananbery's are, because they discussed it earlier in the slipup, no mystery....
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Stardreamer writes:
All right, here's what I think. Knox mentioned to his friends as they were changing that he was going to the Danburys' for dinner, making them familiar with the name. So when he comes back from dinner, and mentions Kris, and says, "She's practically engaged, to Chet Danbury," his friends must assume that Chet is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Danbury. It makes sense if you think about it. Obviously, Knox's friends have no clue who Chet Danbury is, but they recognize the last name, since they knew he was at dinner at the Danbury residence.
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dana writes:
I noticed this too... when Knox says that she's practically engaged to Chet Danbury, all of his friends nod knowingly, yet before they didn't have any idea who the Danbury's were. AS for the past reference, whoever was right about not knowing that they had a son, the Danbury's were simply friends of Knox's fathers.. no reference to Chet, yet all the guys knew him...
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Crazy Dave writes:
From the way the movie shows it, the boys are familiar with Chet Danburry but do not know who the Danburrys are. I suppose that the only way this is possible is if the Danburry name is fairly popular in the area. In the extended version of the film, Chet is referred to as a former Welton student who flunked out - this is why everyone knows him. Unless there are a lot of Danburrys in the area, it makes no sense that Knox wouldn't say "Chet's parents" when asked who the Danburrys are. So it would only work if Knox didn't even know he was going to visit Chet's parents until he actually arrived there and saw Chet. So it probably was a flub, but it could be explained if there are numerous Danburry families in the area. (Pretty doubtful.)
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donkey writes:
I think it is way cool that all you guys watch that movie. another thing i would like to say is that on any other movie, none of the other comments are as long as yours. that could be from the simple fact that when you watch that movie, it opens up your mind and lets you finally think for yourself.
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Davo100 writes:
I don't get why this is a slip-up; his friends are only given the same amount of information as we the audience are, yet we managed to figure it out OK. When Knox refers to 'Chet' Danbury, it is fairly obvious he is not refering to either Mr or Mrs Danbury, so Chet has got to be their son. An additional clue is that the girl (and therefore Chet) must be about the same age as Knox himself, as Knox is attracted to her. So, Knox's friends know the Danbury's are friends of Knox's father, and have worked out (all by themselves) that Chet must be their son. Where is the slip-up?
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Petey writes:
when you spend dinner at someone's place, you tend to talk to the people there. Explains how Knox came to believe the Chet was a jerk and found out he was a football player. When he tells his friends that Kris is practically engaged, the way he says it, "*Chet* Danenbury", puts emphasis on the first name, making them realize it's someone they haven't spoken of before, also inclining towards the fact that he is the son. Just my opinion- it's all in the voice.
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Jussac writes:
Actually, the slipup stands in my opinion because a quick comment about a couple being friends of his parents would not have let the others know who CHET was and that he was a "football player" and a "jerk". The way Knox said it implied that the Danbury family were already well known to all of them personally.
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jwoo writes:
I'd like to clear up a few things. I've seen this movie tons of times. My brother works for movies and I know a lot about them and I even have the DPS script. I'm saying all this so you guys can believe me. Chet is the Danburys' son, because in the movie, Kris never called Mrs. Danbury mom. In the background, that was Chet who was talking to his mom bout not wanting to get the door, then Kris said she would get it. And there is a mistake. Earlier they did discuss about the Danburys', but it was short and brief and if Knox didn't know who they were, then he would have no idea who Chet is and they wouldn't have been able to talk about it. After dinner, Knox came straight to the study room before discussing anything to anyone else then revealed Chet and Kris. The boys automatically knew Chet saying that he can eat a football and other stuff.
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Angel writes:
no, chet is the danbury, not kris, but, that is really chet's mother, cuz since knox said they were 'practically engaged', that would mean that they were very close, so she was probably around his parents a lot, and it just looked like that was her mother.
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Racket writes:
I think there is a key error missing here. Knox goes to the Danbury's for dinner and Kris is there- she answers the door, then HER mom comes from behind her. Isn't Kris the Danbury and not Chet? or is this a different mistake in DPS?
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