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Highlander - Ramirez / Conners Kitana
Around the middle of the movie,when Brenda does the metalergical analsis on the metal fragments she found at madison square garden, She states that the metal of the sword was folded over 200 times. This is incorrect. The japanese never folded a blade more than 15-16 times, 16 folds creates 2 to the 16th power layers of steel in the blade. This is more than 65,000 layers. Folding it any more than this creates a blade with a homogenes effect, which is what you started with in the first place, before it was folded at all. This is why they did not go any further than 16 folds because it is counter productive.
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DuEulear on 05-03-2000
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mr. large writes:
Japanese style sword blades were made using several different techniques. Some styles would wedge a single piece of high carbon steel between two pieces of lower carbon steel, producing no folding at all. As for the 'folded' blades, seven to nine folds would be made alternately lengthwise and widewise (allowing the working piece to remain in a roughly flat rectangular ingot) producing the characteristic layers common to samurai blades (500-1000 layers). Greater numbers of folds reduce the effect of the layering, making the metal homogenous and thus losing the individual strengths of the two original metals. Any fewer folds and the difficulty would be encountered in keeping the edge sharp enough and uniform. As for the 'folded 200 times', Brenda tested the very fine edge of the sword which would be reduced in the number of layers do to final shaping and filing by the smith. Also, the edge of the blade recieves the greatest amount of energy from the forge causing the crystalization to obscure the boundary of the layers thus making it difficult to distinguish the actual number of layers in the sample. In case any one is wondering, i do have much practical experience in this matter, about 35 years worth.
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worldkin writes:
Funny, I've read numerous books on the subject, and even saw a video that features one of the foremost master sword-smiths in Japan today. A Katana nowadays, and for the last few hundred years, will always be folded many hundreds of times. The master will not reveal how many folds he makes, but that the number is in the thousands. It takes him days, and he has multiple assistants to keep the fires stokes while he rests. Keep in mind that the finer the layers, the better. A Katana, or any other samurai sword, is comprised of two kinds of steel, mild and spring. This combination allows for a flexible (Less breakable) blade with lessened loss of sharpness.
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Askelon_ writes:
The sword fragments were from Connor's sword, and if you recall, her amazement was from the fact that it was folded as many times as it was, because no swords smiths were making those swords that way at the time that she dated the fragments.
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Knight1192 writes:
No, they're right. The fragments are from the katana. Conner slice through Fasil's neck and his blade is stopped by the cement column. Though he pulls it free, there are still fragments left behind.
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jamm265 writes:
No one had disputed she had Connors blade. The reference MrLarge said as to the smith, refers to the person making the blade. Does not matter if Shikiku's father had the title 'sword smith' he was by nature of what he makes. You could also give him title of armorer etc.
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Copurfield writes:
I believe that it was the other guy's sword where she got the fragements. not Conner's.
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spud writes:
Ramirez has a fight with Kergan and dies fighting him but Remirez cuts his head up to a piece of skin but Kergan still fights.When Kergan misses he breaks the wall to show he is the strongst but Connor's better because he cut Kergan's head off.
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