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Road Warrior, The - Did He Turn on the Air Conditioner?
At the part where Mel gets that special car to track down the bad guys, and in the big chase seen he hits a switch to give the car more power. Granted you can do this with Nitros injection, but what it activated was a forced induction system known as a Blower and is run by a drive belt thus is always on with no way to shut it off. Besides if it was off to begin with due to the tollerances in one of those things it wouldn't get any gas to the pistons.
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The first movie of The Road Worrior
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hanalei on 04-08-2000
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james writes:
It is actually possible to turn blowers (superchargers) on and off. Although the compressor rotors spin permanently, it does not mean that they have to be compressing air permanently. This 'non charging' of the air can be done by rerouting the air around the blower. When extra power is required an actuator can close the bypass route and direct air through the blower. This concept is very similar to the wastegates found across the turbine of a standard automotive turbocharger - to prevent over compressing the inlet air. In order to decrease mechanical losses and therefore increase overall efficiency the blower could be spun down when bypassed and back up when required. This would have the detrimental effect of creating 'turbo lag'. But would result in a better acceleration when the blower is switched off due to decreased inertia load of the turbine/compressor on the engine. This method has actual been successfully implemented as an engine modification to a 4 litre Range Rover. To turn this relative slug into a wild beast please press the large green button!
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andrew writes:
eejcee3r [sic]writes;"The nitrous is almost empty."how many times do you people need to be told,the pursuit special never had a nitrous oxide(N20)system,it ran on high octaine gasoline(or guzzoline as they called it)there are many explanations as to how the blower was turned on and off,it was done using an electric clutch,many people will tell you things like "it was perminantly connected to the crankshaft,for the scenes where it wasn't moving,they just turned the engine off"no offence,but these people are stupid and need to seek professional help. and another thing,no matter what anybody tells you,there were only two black on black interceptors ever built for MM1 and MM2:RW the origional is at the cars for the stars museam in england,and the other,which was blown up in RW is at broken hill in australia along with the ford f100 with the cobra on the door you may have noticed that i have mentioned the black on black and the pursuit special,in the first movie the car was never referred to as an interceptor and in the seciond movie it was never referred to as a pursuit special or "the black on black"insted beibng reffered to once as "the last of the v8 interceptors.
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warren writes:
I think Hanalei means the 1st film. Mad Max.
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hardrock writes:
The system in question is indeed a blower. A blower does run all the time due to the belt attached to the crankshaft. A number of years back an attempt to was made to set this system up using a clutch assembly similar to the one the AC in your car uses, unfortunatly they were never able to make it work. This may have been where the idea for the movie came from. As far as the nitrous idea goes, there was none. Max shuts off the blower because it uses up a lot more fuel. Besides, you cannot run nitrous for long periods of time, it will melt your pistons.
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RonJLow writes:
Max is seen being awarded his fancy Interceptor in the 1st movie, Mad Max. As for automotive technology; it's set in the future folks.
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Bobby writes:
If this movie takes place in the future don't you think Max would have managed to get all the bugs out since the first Mad Max, which took place at least 5 or more years before.
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red five writes:
The movie makers knew full well that this wasn't how superchargers worked, the effect just looked good. The original car used in filming had a standard engine with a "blower" bolted to the top of it, this was fitted with an electric motor which spun it when the switch was flicked. So it's not really a slip up just a way of adding suspense to the film.
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ceejer53 writes:
At the very beginning of the Road Warrior movie, Mel is being chased by the "bad guys". He receives an audible warning and checks his gauges. The nitrous is almost empty. He shuts off the supercharger. At that moment, the screen cuts to a shot of the enginge where some device with a large belt stops rotating. I think they did it for effect.
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