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Red Dwarf - Time Drive and Others "Out Of Time" which is the last episode in series 6. The crew travels back in time. But even though they have travelled back in time, Kryten explains that they are 3 million years back in the past, Only still in deep space. Yet in the 1st episode in series 7, they return to the shipwreck where they got the time drive and travel back in time to earth to pick up curry for lister. How did they manage to get to earth. Why weren't they in deep space still?
Whilst i am here, i though i would bring up a few other mistakes i havnt heard mentioned before.
In marooned, lister askes rimmer what his 1st time was like, and rimmer explains it was in the back of his brothers car with a girl he met at cadet school called Sandra. Yet in Thanks For The Memory he explains to lister he had only done it once! yet he clearly explains he has done it twice! why cant he remember his only 2 times?
In Queeg rimmer becomes damaged due to the ship being hit by an asteroid. During the time before he is fixed, He takes on different personalities of the crew. Including holly, a doctor and oddly the cat. But why would the ship have any hollgramaic data on the cat. As he was not an original member of the crew and no one would of programmed it in!
The last main one i wish to point out is this. In Quarantine kryten gives lister what he calls a reduced amount of luck virus. you can see the quantity on screen. This luck lasts less than one minute. Yet in Back In The Red - Part 2 (viii) lister only rubs his fingers over the top of the test tube and receives lot of luck for quite some time. This is clearly wrong.
But, even after all these mistakes let alone all the other listed. This program is possibly the best ever, and still makes me cry with laughter 2day. so what there are a few mistakes, enjoy it for what it is.
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ali on 10-11-2005
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MIdAS writes:
Right. Because of the dimentional anomolies that have expanded the cargo bay, the time drive has becom a time and matter drive. Rimmer was lying about sandra, who in a non drunk state would admit their first time was with a woman who was half concussed and thought he was someone else? As with all the people he becomes, Rimmer was being the cat from his memories of the cat, which were stored in the hologram computer. The length of time the luck virus lasts for depends on how quickly your body combats the virus, lister's body may have taken longer than normal tho combat the virus, possibly due to the stress of being locked in a prison cell.
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Y2Gray writes:
When Rimmer describes his first time as being with Sandra in the back of his brother's Bentley, he is lying. This is revealed in one of the Red Dwarf books.
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Rissa writes:
It's explained in the novelisation that Rimmer was lying about Sandra - she didn't exist. This is why he's much more enthusiastic about the car than the girl! Rimmer was uncomfortable trying to make small talk with Lister, and resolved to just make something up. Yvonne McGruder was his only real conquest.
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Weave writes:
Good spot picking up on the luck virus thing. I've noticed that too. Although I've also noticed that the luck is only really temporary when it was injected into Listers Bloodstream (as your body builds up a defense to the luck virus) as explained by Kryten. But I've also noticed that when he rubbed his fingers against the test tube bottle, he got a little bit of luck. After that, he keeps rubbing his fingers whenever he needed some. It seems that he gets a small amount of luck each time.
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ali writes:
thank you guys, i havent read the books. this clears up one of the points.
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Camo writes:
He doesn't turn into the cat at all. He simply starts running around screaming in a cat like manner - and the cat remarks "Now he's me" - the cat is joking, Rimmer is just malfunctioning and screaming. He only infact takes on the personality of the ship's pyschologist, the rest of his ills are different: such as with Lister and Holly, he's not turned into them, he's mimicking him.
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Blue Eagle writes:
Cat may not have been an original member of the crew, but there's no reason Holly couldn't have created a file for him, or Lister creating one himself, he has been shown to have at least some knowledge of the hologram simulation suite, seeing as he reprogrammed Rimmer's memories in one episode.
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