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Usual Suspects - Verbal's Limp?
At the end of the film, as Verbal Kint (Kevin Spacey) is walking away from the police station, if you look closely you can see that the limp the character has had the entire film suddenly disappears! Seems as if Spacey suddenly forgot that his character was a cripple! I can't believe no one's caught this yet!
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Sean Gray on 10-28-2004
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Gary Lynch writes:
UNBELIEVABLE!! Did you guys watch the movie??? The great twist at the end is that everything that Verbal told Chazz Palminteri was a lie. At the end he doesn't suddenly forget to limp, the limp fades out over several steps, exposing Verbal as something other than the 'harmless' cripple that he'd pretended to be. For future slipups, please try to understand the context of what you see.
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Be Christian writes:
DNB - Can you post a link to the article(?) on IMDB that says that Spacey forgot to limp?
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barroomchampion writes:
Those of you who agree with the poster of this slip-up really need to pay attention to the plot twists that give this movie one of the most satisfying movie endings since Shawshank Redemption. Kevin Spaceys character is revealed to be Kaiser Soze at the moment when we see "Verbal's" limp disappearing. Ultimately revealing that Verbal was not a cripple, but the criminal mastermind "Kaiser" behind the entire plot. It’s at this point he also reveals that he obviously has full function of the hand that was previously handicapped by lighting his cigarette...
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bern writes:
I cannot believe that so many people actually think it was a slip up. Watch him have a cigarette in the car! It left the whole enigma of the plot right up to the last minute of the film. It was like an epiphany. I got it right away and wow! what an impact. Brilliant ending. Also brilliant just before the end was the scanning of the police noticeboard by the officer (with some of Verbals words and phrases in the background), the dropping of the coffee cup and the (too)late realisation of Verbals possible identity. No, it was not a slip-up. Spacey knows what he has to do.
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dave writes:
I can't believe how many people don't realize that this is the dramatic visual reveal that Kint is Soze. But there are logical "real" reasons why Verbal would drop the limp. First, he had been contorted the whole time during the interrogation. Therefore, he would need to "unwind" and stretch out (and we see him do just that as he goes back to normal). Second, the cops would be looking for a cripple. Therefore, he would need to "return to normal" in order to help himself get away. And third, he wasn't a cripple in the first place, so there would be no need to continue the painful charade once he was free of the police station.
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Be Christian writes:
Davo100, can you believe so many people are giving this post high ratings? Oh well.
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DNB writes:
Actually, the little known fact is that Kevin Spacey *did* forget to put on the limp in that last scene, and Universal couldn't afford bring him back to reshoot. So they did some clever editing to the earlier parts of the film to try and explain it away (according to IMDB a few months back, an entire fight scene between Kaiser Sozé and Verbal was removed to allow for the possibility that they were the same person). In the original cut, it was heavily suggested that the detective was Sozé.
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Ketheriel writes:
People always try and find a hidden meaning to a piece of art that, simply put, isn't there. Take Old Man and the Sea for example. People try to spin it into having some deeper meaning when it was just written by some alcoholic moron. Spacey simply forgot his character's handicap and no one called him on it, and it's a shame, because it compeltely ruined the movie for me.
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Kip Dynamite writes:
Oh my god, I read this slip up the other day and thought to myself "there is no way that an actor of Kevin Spacey's calibre could slip up so easily". Although I have seen this movie many many times (its one of my favourites) I had never noticed the slip up....until....I decided to watch it one more time to search for this slip up. I must admit you do have to look closely because it happens so quick, but he does indeed forget to limp. Watch it in "slo mo" because it can be hard to spot. Well done Sean Gray for your fantastic observation.
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LOTRroxx writes:
I cant believe you guys think that was a plot twist. He had a limp the whole time...why would he be faking it? Kevin Spacey is a great actor and all, I don't think you should blame him for this, those guys make mistakes too. But to say it wasn't? Come on...
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Sean Gray writes:
No, I'm pretty sure that Verbal is supposed to be crippled, because earlier in the film they show Dean Keaton (Al Pacino) killing everyone on the boat, while Verbal just stands there limping. you think maybe Verbal and Keaton were in business together, and that's why Keaton didn't kill him?
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wizardofox writes:
Hellllllllo....the slip up is 100% right. Everyone always talks about Spacey being such a great actor, but he can't even remember that his character has a limp? I won't be voting for him for the Academy Award any time soon. Sometimes actors seriously phone it in on their movies, you guys.
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Davo100 writes:
****** WARNING: PLOT SPOILER AHEAD ****** When Verbal loses the limp at the end, it is NOT a slip-up. It is actually a VERY, VERY important plot-twist, and is fundamentally crucial to the film. Suffice to say, Verbal was only PRETENDING to have a limp. I feel the poster needs to watch the film again, this time paying far more attention to the plot.
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Be Christian writes:
No. What is hard to believe is that the poster failed to realize that the twist in the ending of the movie is that the limp, and everything else about the character, was an act, a complete fabrication.
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