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Batman - Not the Joker Yet?
When Jack first becomes the Joker, and he rips the bandages off of his face, says his famous mirror...MIRROR!!! line, breaks the light and the mirror and goes up the stairs laughing, he steps into the light for a very brief second right when he reaches the top of the stairs. When he does you can see that his face isn't white. It's normal skin color. I guess the producers thought it would be a waste of time to put on all of that makeup for a scene that was MOSTLY in the dark. But we Caught em.
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Jeremy on 03-13-2000
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Noel writes:
ugh. the issue isn't whether the Joker character has white skin or not, it's whether the actor Jack Nicholson was wearing makeup in that particular scene. as Jeremy stated, maybe the producers decided that it wasn't worth the effort to put the joker makeup on Jack Nicholson since his face wasn't really visible in the scene. this has nothing to do with the Joker character at all. it's all about a particular scene in the movie.
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Darth Barf writes:
Argh!!!!!!!- have none of you read any of the *serious* batman comics from Detective Comics, not the dumb 70's TV series? Here is the *official* story: Jokers skin and hair were disfigured by falling into a chemical vat. This pushed his mental state over the edge. He called himself the joker because his face now resembled the Joker card in his deck of cards. In the movie it is not a slip-up that Joker puts skin make-up on. He is playing off his "Jack Napier" / "Joker" double identity against the media, the crime bosses and Batman (a kind of warped joke). As is clear by the storyline, not everyone knows he fell into the vat of chemicals and hence that his skin was disfigured! Of course he has skin makeup on and when vicki vale throws water over him at the restaurant is why he screams "i'm melting" like the wicked witch of the west then when she starts to feel sorry, he goes "BOO!". She did not know that he really had white skin! And for those who are really confused. Jack Nicholson (the guy who played Joker) has normal skin like the rest of us, not white :-) Just for the record. It was not joker as a young robber who killed Bruce Waynes (Batmans) parents, it was a small time crook who in a later adventure, Batman had to come terms with his past and team up with, to find an even worse criminal.
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Noel writes:
And for the users who are arguing that the Joker's skin is not discolored and that he is only wearing makeup, take a look at the scene just after Batman leaves Axis Chemicals after having dropped Jack Napier into the vat. We see the Joker's hand emerge from the sewer water, his glove ripped, his fingers chalk white and his fingernails green. The Joker's skin and hair were indeed discolored by the vat of chemicals he fell into. The only makeup the character wears throughout the movie is the flesh colored kind.
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Morfeus writes:
Waterproof makeup?! Someone's on crack. . . The white face and hair were part of the disfigurement. Haven't you ever read the comics? The doctor scene WAS a goof, as was the following one where Joker's makeup was screwed up (check out the blue on his neck).
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Bubba BoBaBrain writes:
Yup. The Joker's face is white. Remember the scene with the Joker and all the crime bosses ("Life's been good to me")? The joker is wearing the skin make-up. When he mops his brow with a handkerchief, some of it comes off. Also when Vale splashes water on him at the gallery ("I'm melting!") the skin colour washes off.
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EphPhilon writes:
His face WAS discoloured white! In the scene where the Joker challenges Batman on the television, he is wearing skin-coloured makeup which he REMOVES after the broadcast was finished. Not to mention his coloured hair and lips etc... This is a valid slipup.
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Oobrakadoobra writes:
His face is white and his hair is green due to the fact that he was dumped in a vat of chemicals. When the Joker reaches his hand out of the chemical bath it is white. Even though he is an excellent chemist, I doubt he had time to develop and then apply this makeup to his hand while he was underwater. I also find it hard to believe he could have dyed his hair while he was underwater. There are also questions about this waterproof makeup. Why would he cover up his normal skin color with the white waterproof make up and then cover it up again with skin colored makeup? I think it is just wasted time. And as stated before "Read the comic books". In these comic books it explains that the Jokers green hair and white skin are caused from his being submerged in the chemicals. That's it from me......
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deman writes:
He's not called "Joker" because he liked to paint himself, think that smile, which was embedded on his face when he got shot through the cheeks, the chemicals dissolved his skin and hair to a death-like state. The Doctor said it himself that the "nerves were severed", and there was "extesinve damage" He went straight to Grissom, looking like he was supposed to (had it not been the slip-up) with white skin and green hair, which he covers until he kills grissom. He is the joker because he was disfigured to look like one in his "Lucky deck" IMHO
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Darknight writes:
No, No, No, No, No, No, NO! The Joker's face is, from now on, permanently white and his hair is always going to be green because of the chemicals. THERE IS NO WATER PROOF MAKEUP ON THE JOKER!!!!!!!!
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I Know. You don't. So there! writes:
Everyone is so..... Argh! Just look above at the LONG message by darth barf and they are right! No question about it! Trust me. I have watched this movie more times than you can count... I know every second of that film.
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JustMyself writes:
As to the "slip up" regarding the skin color of the Joker at the top of the stairs...GOOD CATCH...Jack Nicholson is not wearing make up when he leaves the doctors "chamber of horror". You get a 10 for that! I never noticed it before. As to the debate over Joker's skin color, there is no debate. The Joker has white skin as a result of falling into a vat of acid in both film and comic book incarnations. The Joker on TV clearly wore white makeup over a mustache and red lipstick, that would smear upon occasion. Go figure...
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SublimePunk writes:
Yeah I believe he was Made-Up by the "doctor" And he was white as a result of falling into the cheimical sh*t...... His hand was white in the mirror... Wasn't it, so what would kill the artists to put some make-up on his face... Maybe it was on purpose.
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Agnot writes:
Peh, "Waterproof Makeup" His hand is white when it raises from the chemical dump site.
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silver_knight84 writes:
firstly the joker's face is white after falling into the chemicals. he puts on flesh colored makeup on later on in various points of the film. and when he goes up the stairs from the doctors office his face is flesh colored which doesn't go along with the story or the original scripting ideas that burton and his team had. so yes a slip-up has been found here.
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Sof-El writes:
Waterproof makeup?! I mean, are you guys actually serious? Does Nicholson call himself the Joker before he falls into the vat of chemicals? I don't think so. So why the heck would he be wearing white "waterproof" makeup on his hands( with gloves on)?
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Human bean writes:
I have to agree with the majority...the white skin is part of the disfigurement...there is a scene showing him applying flesh colored makeup to his white skin. This was a slip up...good catch!
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No fricken duh, dumbasses writes:
Ever think that the doctor made up his face just to make it look better?
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buttayeahyeah writes:
This is not a slip up. He has regular skin color and puts on makeup as part of a disguise as the joker and part of the gimmick.
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Diceman writes:
This is not a slip-up. The white face, green hair, etc are from makeup. The fact that it doesn't wash off just means that it's waterproof makeup. Remember, the Joker is an expert chemist and could easily design very durable coloring agents to hide his disfigurement.
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Pundit writes:
His face had become disfigured, not discolored. The Joker wears white make-up from that point on.
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