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Reservoir Dogs - Who Cut the Music?
When Mr. Blond (Michael Madsen) is torturing the cop, he turns on the radio, which plays 'Stuck In The Middle With You' by Steeler's Wheel. He's just about to set fire to the petrol-soaked policeman when Mr. Orange (Tim Roth) regains consciousness and pumps Mr. Blond full of lead. As the smoke clears, Steeler's Wheel can be heard no more . . . so, who turned off the radio?
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sneeeky pete on 09-01-1999
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TheEggman writes:
I'm afraid that I cant consider this a slip-up. It's all about INTENT. IF it was the directors intent for the music to heard exactly as played on the radio -then there may have been a slip-up. BUT, That was NOT Tarantinos reasoning. The music (and it's starting and stopping) was there purely for dramatic effect (to help accentuate Mr. Blondes actions in this scene). It was never about realism - it was about using creative license to make the most of the scene.
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Nigel Sutherland writes:
The film referred to is "City On Fire", a Chinese film about a bank heist that goes wrong (off screen) and the gang get together in a warehouse and one is a cop working undercover ... get the picture? I've seen both films and the resemblance is staggering - and bear in mind that Tarantino ran a video store before he made it big in Hollywood and would have had ample opportunity to check out the film. There's homage, and there's inspiration, but when it comes down to it "Reservoir Dogs" is a remake pure and simple, but they just forgot to credit the original. Also, check out Kubrick's "The Killing", because Tarantino swiped a few scenes frame by frame from that classic film too.
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al writes:
Actually, Michael Masden's character is Mr. Blonde and Tim Roth's is Mr. Orange. And the music does stop when he leaves the warehouse, but it comes back on when he returns with the gasoline. The music really stops when the song is over.
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Voice of Treason writes:
Alright. Blond cuts the cops ear off as music plays while Orange lies bleeding to death and seemingly unconscience on the ramp. Blond leaves to get the gasoline. As he leaves and the door shuts, the music fades rather quickly, as it would naturally from the door shutting. He gets the gas and re-enters and the music is audible. As he aproaches the cop the music fades in even louder. So the cop is getting doused with gasoline right...well as hes getting soaked the duct tape comes off of his mouth. The cop starts screaming fro Blond to stop. At the same time the song is ending, not being cut. Most people are so caught up in what's happening that they forget about the music. Blond busts out his lighter and then Orange proceeds to empty a clip into him. Oh yeah, there are no rip offs in the movie, nor is the movie a rip off itself. In the ten year anniversary edition, Tarantino's commentary states that he is greatly influenced by many movies, actors, directors, plots, etc. He also states that for one to say that they have no influences is the equivalent to saying that one is dead to the world. He makes it clear that there are a handful of scenes and stories that affected Reservoir Dogs. The plot and many scenes are shaped from Hong Kong director Ringo Lam's movie Long hu feng yun (1987), which stars Yun-Fat Chow and Danny Lee. Tarantino says it is one of his favorite films.
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marmaladeskies writes:
Listen to the song next time its on the radio. the song keeps playing when mr. blonde walked out of the warehouse so when he comes back in it is in the same place that it would be if it had kept on playing. Also the song just ends when the cop gets killed. watch the movie again because its clear as day.
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HitchQT writes:
I had a film student flashback regarding "Stuck in the Middle With You." The music fades as Mr. Blonde exits the warehouse, then returns to regular volume when Mr Blonde re-enters the warehouse. Tarantino is using a technique here called "diegetic sound" which is "any voice, musical passage, or sound effect presented as originating from a source within the film's world." Because Tarantino positions the music as coming out of the radio in the warehouse, then the camera follows Mr. Blonde out of the warehouse and into the street, it makes perfect sense that the music would sound muted to Mr Blonde's ears, and likewise to us, until he goes back inside the warehouse. This was intentional and not a slip-up by QT
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cha' writes:
According to a film student friend of mine, this is intentioal, and meant to represent Mr. Blonde's momentary state of mind. Note the music stops precisely as he leaves the warehouse. Very little fade.
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Swingin_moneydaddy writes:
This comment reffers to al and cha's comments. Stuck In The Middle With You does not stop when Mr. Blonde leaves the warehouse, it just fades out as he walks further away and fades back in as he walks back inside. The song doesn't actually stop playing until it's over. Maybe you guys should look into getting suround sound or something.
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I have no name writes:
You really need to loosen up before you watch Tarantino's movies, they are realistic for the most part, but have many things in them that would be impossible to add effect. I think that the song was cut out on purpose because the lyrics of the song coincide with the predicament that the cop is in. It would make sense, therefore, for the music to stop dramatically after he gets out of the predicament.
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pac313 writes:
Reservoir Dogs is not a rip-off of a Japanese movie! i have seen the movie that Quentin tarantino is supposed to have ripped off its called 'City on Fire' starring Chow Yun Fat it's a great movie but very different to Reservoir Dogs! 'city on fire' was only an inspiration for Reservior Dogs!!!
0 of 1 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes writes:
Man you need to watch the movie before you post about it... First off it is Mr.Blonde that gets shot not Mr.Orange, Mr.Orange shoots him, second, The movie is not a rip off, and if it was you don't even know the name??
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sandlercd_22 writes:
ok i know this would NEVER happen but just mabye when he was shot he accedently threw his lighter in a hit of rage as he was getting shot and it hit the radio in just the right spot and it turned off...impossible but you know its a stupid little thing
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