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Scream - Blood on the Knife
ok, right after sidney and bill are done in the bedroom, and billy i swearing to to sid that he isnt the psycho, the killer breaks in and stabs him. The killer after stabbing everyone wipes his knife. Well you see him put his hand on the knife to wipe it and it goes to sidney, when it goes back he moves his hand up to wipe it again and its full of blood. You dont see him fully wipe the knife the first time but its kinda odd
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psyco on 02-28-2000
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JaymZ83 writes:
He didn't wipe the knife twice. This is how it really was: It's Stu in the costume, who is faking killing Billy. He isn't really stabbing him. So, the first time he wipes the knife, he's putting FAKE blood on it. Then he wipes it off. Understand? It's pretty logical, isn't it? And for the third killer theory: It could be, but Kevin Williamson didn't write the script with three killers in mind. He said so himself. In the school-bathroom, it could have been a student playing a prank, because he doesn't have a knife or something.
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jen writes:
OK, I just want to say something..first of all how, is anyone better for watching a movie it just means u have a lot of time on your hands.. and what does age have to do with it? Just because you are younger doesn't mean anything. I have probably watched Scream just as much as the rest of you, and I have spotted over 60 screw-ups..does that make me better? No.. it just means I can spot the obvious but who cares..and that turning up the volume thing to hear Stu or Billy or whoever is in the bathroom say "Sydney" that's not any kind of screw up I can hear him say that with the volume down I think hes just tryin to freak her out
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Catherine writes:
This is to comment or actually correct Jaclyn on the point where she says that Billy or Stu said "iller" when they were telling Casey who was the killer in Friday the 13th. If you remember when Scream first came out there are 2 versions to the movie, the one you rent and the one you buy. The one you buy cuts out the k in "iller" the one you rent doesnt cut it out it says "Jason's mother, Mrs. Vorhees is the original killer". There are many different things from the rented ones and the one you buy. Rent it and you can find a lot. Also, if you put it on closed caption when you are watching the one you buy, it will read..."original killer". Just something I thougt you would like to do, if you like to find differences that is. cya april
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Jaclyn writes:
There are a lot mare slip-ups on Scream. Believe me I watch it every day. When Sidney runs up the stairs while being chased, if you listen very closely you can hear the killer say "easy easy". The next day at school, Stu says "easy" when Tatum hits him on the head with her sucker and it's the same voice. You can tell. In the beginning, when the killer is correcting Casey on who the killer is in Friday the 13th, he say "iller" instead of killer. Casey also locks the front door when the killer starts scaring her and she never unlocks it, but when her parents get there the father gets out his keys, but never use them to unlock the door, they just walk in. When Gail is driving away in the van and Kenny is on her windsheild, She says 'Sorry Kenny but get off my f*ckin' windshield," but her lips aren't movoing. When Sidney is standing in front of Stu's house and Dewie walks out with the knife in his back, she says "Dewie" as the camrea just turns to her but her mouth is in an o shape. There also has to be another killer in it. For example, in the bathroom at school, the killer is wearing black jeans, but Billy is wearing blue jeans and Stu is wearing Khakis and the killer is in the garage with Tatum, and the killer enters from the garage, but Stu is running party and talkin' to Sidney and Gail and Billy hasn't been in the who is it? There also has to be another one because Stu is w/ Tatum the night Casy dies, and Billy can't tie up Steve and be in the front of the house talkin' to Casy at the same time and someone is following Sidney around at the Grocery store, while Stu and Billy are at the Video store. Can you tell my life is Scream?
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booboo writes:
Hey Jaclyn, just to comment on your "slipups," how is the 'easy, easy' thing a slipup? I would call that a clue. Plus why do you say tht the killer was in the front of the house while he was talking to Casey? He could have been behind the house too, he even could have been tying up Steve while he was talking to her. And I think Billy killed Tatum because Billy was probably in the house before even though later he pretended to have just arrived. And to whoever said that Casey locks the door twice: did you pay attention to the way she turned the lock? Maybe she unlocked it so her parents could get in easily and then locked it after the killer was threatening her. The killer probably picked the lock or something to get in later, which is why Casey's dad didn't have to use his keys.
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fizzymonkey writes:
All that stuff about a third murderer in Scream is on a site. It has a theory on there being a third killer in scream and I think this could be the killer in Scream 3.
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ScreamQueen05 writes:
OK well he didn't wipe the blood off twice although it appears that way. The first time he put his hand on the knife he was putting fake blood on the knife because he was pretending to kill Billy so he needed to get fake blood on the knife, but then when Sidney was watching him he wiped it off. See it was all part or Billy and Stu's plan.
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Duh Stupid Ones! writes:
Hey, I thought that Stu killed Tatum...cause didn't he say "I'll be right back" and then go to get a beer and then ended up in the garage or something? I haven't seen it for a long time so correct me if I'm wrong.
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Catherine writes:
I am just referring to a 'slip-up' I think her name was Jackie sent...Casey locks the door when the killer 1st calls and then goes back and turns the lock again after the killer says he wants to know who he's looking at. So that would mean she unlocked then. Her parents wouldn't need to use the key if the door is unlocked.
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Cartman writes:
That makes sense now! Thanx Catherine. I thought I noticed something in Scream 2 when I rented it. Sydney says "be nice, she saved our lives" referring to Gale. Randy then says "Yeah, I know, I read about it in the book. In the version I later bought, Randy says after Sydney's comment, "She had calf implants. No book. Makes sense. Thanks Catherine.
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ScreamQueen writes:
I found this interesting. I have the purchase copy on tape, the pay per view copy on tape, the DVD copy, the version that aired on FOX, as well as seeing it in the theatres about 18 times. Plus, I also have the rental copy on tape of Scream 2. All of the above I have seen in total about 2 million times since it's theatrical release. In no version that I have does Randy ever say "Yeah, I know. I read all about it in the book." The only thing that he has ever said that in was the trailers. Obviously, the trailers always contain scenes that aren't in the final cut of the film. Such is the case with the deleted scenes. In the trailer for Scream 3, we see Tyson say, "See. I told you", but that wasn't in the final cut because the entire scene that it was contained in was cut. What is strange is the fact that if you open up the jacket for the Scream 2 Soundtrack, you'll see a scene from Scream 2 with Cici that is neither in the final cut, the trailer or the deleted scenes that didn't make it to the trailer. Now since the copy of the rental version of Scream 2 that I have is the one that I taped when it first came out in June 1998, there may have been another copy released where the lines were changed, but I seriously doubt it. So please, if you seriously saw this, direct me to where I can view this. Thanks!
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too much time writes:
Ok you people need a life. Who in the world watches a movies a millon times? You need to get out of the house, go to a party, have fun.
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Cartman writes:
Ok, a couple things. After the bathroom incident, Stu or Billy or whoever it was could've easily changed clothes. When Tatum dies, Billy hasn't been to the party yet. Afterwards, when a bunch of people leave, Sidney calls for Tatum and Billy shows up at the door. You know he did something and Stu knew it too, because when he asked Billy what he was doing there, he had the certain tone in his voice that he knew what was going on. Another thing. Billy talks, Stu kills, (most of the time, the party was an exception cuz it was Billy who killed Tatum.) That is completely obvious. Billy called Casey, and once he was finished talking, Stu ran in the house and started his mad killing spree. Billy fled, (obviously) and ran or drove to Sidney's house. It's really quite simple. Something else, at the grocery store, the killer was only there for a second. Gale says in one of her reports, "the small community of Woodsboro." The killer, Billy, Stu, whoever, probably could've easily ran over to the video store after. One last thing, this isn't a slipup, I just found it kind of cool. In the bathroom, after Sidney comes out of the stall and just before STU comes out of the other stall, if you turn your Tv up really loud, you can hear a faint whisper saying "Sidney." I would probably say my life is Scream.
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Cartman writes:
Yo Jen. I don't know where you heard me say the bathroom whisper thing was a screwup. I was just saying. And the reason I have a lot of time on my hands is because there is nothing on TV at night between 10 and 11:30 and most movies rae an hour and a half. And I know now you're going to tell me that Scream is 2 hours. I know that. But that's just being picky. Feel free to reply to this or e-mail me if you want, it's up to you.
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Dean0Mac writes:
I just wanted to make a point, that in one copy of Scream 2 I have and watched... Randy DID say "I know, I read it in the book" And I've never seen the trailers... Go figure..
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