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Jurassic Park - Wrong Bullet Holes
When the power has been turned on, and Grant calls Hammond, telling him to call the mainland listen for the gun shots. When the camera pans to the glass, not only is it intact, but all three shots only cause three holes. There would have been massive damage.
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the movie
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Smitty on 02-22-2000
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MST3Kfan writes:
dxdec's comment about the dino-gun/bullets is the most probable theory, but to clear things up, I'm pretty sure the shotgun is a Mossberg Special Purpose model 590 that's been heavily aftermarketized with a folding stock, iron sights etc. The iron sights (usually found on rifles) would indicate that the barrel was most likely rifled (having grooves like a rifle or pistol) this would then indicate it was designed to fire slugs. This particular model could fire 3 1/2" shells although it is clearly being loaded with 2 1/2" shells (I can't tell if they're slugs). I don't know about you, but if I knew what was crawling around that place I'd have had the most powerful round available. By the way, an M-16 round is about the diameter of a pencil, a 12 gauge slug is as big around as your thumb. He certainly picked up the best weapon that he had available. A high caliber, high power hunting rifle would have been a better choice for varmint control around that joint. I work in Memphis Tennessee so I've seen plenty of bullet holes in windows, the holes are the right size for slugs and even OO buckshot at 20 feet (with a full choke) but I agree that anything other than Lexan would show a lot more damage. The glass was probably a plot issue, if it shattered, the nasties could have walked right in. The shotgun blasts however were heard through the phone and might not be all that inaccurate since a phone's speaker cannot reproduce the boom of a shotgun. And since we're nitpicking, the jammed shell in Dr. Grant's gun could not jam that way, the plastic part of the shell is forced out first then the brass, in the film, it's backwards. Not to mention pump shotguns rarely jam, especially Mossberg's. That's why cops like 'em, but now we're just being picky... ; )
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ShmodZilla writes:
Actuly the guns in question are SPas-12's ,hold 9 rounds and are selectable to semi auto or pump. I did think about the little hole in the glass but simply you dont see him shoot. Maybe he hit the raptor and it was one stray pellet that hit the glass. If you had just shot the glass it would have left a hulluva mess. And if i was going out there i would have defiantley taken the Spas over the rifle to. I didnt pay to much attention but the rifles were probably AR-15's and not M-16's Very very very few m-16s have made it outside of military to private ownership..
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Sly Marbo writes:
There are 2 theories why the glass didn't break: 1. It is not a shotgun at all. This explains why Robert Muldoon uses one of these guns when he escorts Ellie through the woods. It would be foolish to use a shotgun when you're supposed to snipe raptors at distant range... However, when he loads the gun before they leave, it looks like a buckshot. Strange... and again if it WAS a shotgun, I would definately NOT use buckshot in it on one such mission! But slugs. 2. It is loaded with slugs. This theory is not 100 percent reliable either though, because their massive firepower would shatter the glass to pieces. But it is possible though, that the glass was extra strong to stop dinoes from getting in, explaining why the shots didn't destroy it.. but the raptor broke through so I don't know.. maybe the InGen guys underestimated their strength.
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Dr. Kevorkian writes:
My God, I'm glad someone else saw that. I noticed that the first time Isaw the movie, and it made me sick to think about how dense people are about guns.
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GT-350 guy writes:
Shotguns can also fire slugs.(A large metal cylinder.)But a slug would have made a HUGE hole.
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dxdec writes:
Hey, this is a movie about an island full of dinosaurs and you dont complain about that! If you want it to be real watch a damn documentary. The bullet damage was a short cut paramont totally decemating the window, and the shot sound was the only sound they had for that scene. Who says this is even a shotgun, it might be a special Anti-Dino gun loaded with specially developed Anti-Dino rounds. This is no slip up, its the way movies are made.
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DarkSaber2k writes:
If you listen to the noise made by the shot gun,. it doesn't even make the right noise!
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Joe writes:
Your comments are right. It is not the sound of a shotgun and it doesn't make sense to have buckshot instead of slugs. However the shots were fired from about twenty feet away which would give enough time for the buckshot to spread out. There were also what appears to be M-16's in the locker and would have been smarter to take than a shotgun without slug ammunition. The M-16 A1 has full automatic capability and the A2 has a three shot burst. Either way it would still offer far greater range than the shotgun.
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Napoleon writes:
I know it was a shotgun, but it doesn't make any sense. In most likeliness, the gun would have fired buckshot, which would spray pellets everywhere. Now, since dinosaurs have very thick skin, it wouldn't penetrate the at all. sure it would hurt, but it would be like getting hit with a pain tball that didn't explode. Now, the slug theory, if you will, works much better, and would also explain the lack of shattering glass.
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Jujubchrld6745 writes:
If the bullets had shattered the glass, the Raptor could have come in that way, instead of the whole fighting and hysteria over the door. It was like this for suspence and drama!!
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barnaby writes:
i'm dense about guns. I don't use them, don't know anyone that does. I only see them in movies, and i come from England not America. Please explain what is blindingly obvious about that slip up. If you are referring to the glass not smashing then maybe its safety bullet proof glass with a touch of movie magic. Some people are dense about guns. Some people seem to know too much.
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AJK writes:
Grant was firing a shotgun, loaded with buckshot shells. That means, in laymans terms, that each SHELL Grant fired _should_ have caused about a dozen bits of SHOT to impact with the window. Thirty-six pieces of shot should have destroyed the window, safety glass or not, considering he was firing at near point-blank range.
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Pony Boy writes:
I found the whole gun thing very interesting. Great observation. The sound of the gun shot is definatley not that of a shot gun. It is more of a low powered rifle. And yes buck shot would have shattered the window, a slug depending on style would have made up to a 2 inch hole as they are designed to flatten out like a pancake on impact for maximum damage as it passes through it's target. Why this expert from Africa or where ever has a cabinet full of just shotguns is beyond me. Given the dinosaurs are the potential enemy in the park, this should be the last weapon of choice.
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Smitty writes:
Yes, Joe, but the fact is that in this scene Grant is reaching for the shotgun, and if the rounds were slugs, as one commenter stated, it would have shattered the glass. Thanks for the input. Smitty
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Smitty writes:
Thank you for explaining that. What was meant was that Grant fired three times with a shotgun. The shotgun, as stated earlier by the previous poster, fires buck, tiny ball bearings pack into the shell. Grant, heard clearly over the telephone, fires three times yet the glass only has three holes in it instead of being peppered by tiny bullet holes. I feel that I have an average knowledge of various weapons, considering I have never fired one in my life. Once agian thanks to the previous poster who explained further in detail.
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