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Holes - The Moving Mountain
In the book 'Holes', Stanley Yelnats Great-Great Grandfather doesn't carry the old gypsy up the mountain on the last day of carrying for the pig. In the end, it was said that because Stanley carried zero up the mountain, that the bad-luck stroke was broken. One problem though, the mountain that his Great-Great Grandfather used was in Scandinavia. The one he carried Zero up was in America. If so, then how can the curse be broken if they occurred on completely different mountains and countries?
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You need to have read the book Holes.
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Anonymous on 08-05-2001
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Cool writes:
Stanley carries the gypsies great great grandson up a mountain to stop him dying. This way the curse is broken because Stanley does what his great great grandfather should have done all those years be fore.
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RonJLow writes:
Uhm, it's a curse that has plagued generations. It's like, a karma imbalance. The old gypsy is long dead. She can't be helped anymore, but Stanley CAN re-set karma the scales. You don't even have to buy into curses and spells to enjoy the book. So long as the accursed believe they are cursed, nothing else matters. But the shear LUCK of how stanley finds the Trunk bearing the name Stanley Yelnats suggests either cosmic forces or bad storytelling. I'm going for cosmic forces, because this is an awesome book, as are Sachar's other works.
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Loren writes:
Ok, you need to read the book again! It said "a mountain" not a specific mountain!
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Mario writes:
You obviously do not fully understand what is going on here. Madame Zeroni tried to help out Elya Yelnats with his love dilemma by giving him the smallest pig. She said that if he carried it up the mountain every day and let it drink from the stream while Elya sang a certain song to it, it would grow fatter than the other suiter's pig, therefore, Elya would win the hand of the woman he wanted to marry. Madame Zeroni also told Elya that he must carry her up the mountain after he wins the womans hand. She warned him that if he did not do this, he and all of his descendants would be cursed. He failed to do this, and the curse was then laid upon him and his family. You must have failed to remember that Madame Zeroni mentioned her nephew who lived in America. This played a big part later in the book, when we came to realize that Zero's real name was Hector Zeroni, the great-great-great grandson of Madame Zeroni. Stanley became friends with Zero. Stanley found Zero in the desert and they joined together to find God's Thumb. When they reached it, Zero became ill and Stanley had to carry him up the mountain. This was symbolic of Elya Yelnats carrying Madame Zeroni up the mountain. After Stanley and Zero reached the top of the mountain, they drank the water from the stream, and Stanley sang that particular song to Zero. It's the symbolism that you have to understand. You are taking it way to seriously. And one more thing, Stanley's great-great grandfather didn't live in Scandinavia, he lived in Latvia. Please get your facts straight or don't bother leaving a slip-up. Thanks!
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Ryanm2005 writes:
If he's not bringing the same person up the mountain, then why should it be the same mountain? Maybe this was so much alike the original mountain, that the curse was broken?
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Alice writes:
You are so wrong. it doesn't matter the mountain it is just that someone from the yelnats family has to carry someone from the Zeroni family up a mountain and give them water and sing them the lullaby. Also, it was a different person who buried the treasure. it was Ezra yelnats' son who was robbed by kissin kate barlow and so the treasure was buried in the same place!
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Squeaker1234 writes:
Elya Yelnats failed to remember to carry Madame Zeroni up the mountain. He went to America. There he had Stanley Yelnats I. Meanwhile, the incident with Katherine Barlow and Sam was taking place. Kate robbed Stanley Yelnats, and buried the treasure at Green Lake, which was dried up. So the treasure was not buried in the wrong place.
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S-man writes:
Aren't we all forgetting one important thing? The water that flows uphill? It must be true that they were two different mountains because of the locations of the characters, but the idea that the curse could be broken with any mountain does seem a bit contrived. Both the mountains had water that ran uphill, or at least, it was hinted at by Zero. This seems to indicate some kind of supernatural force at work so perhaps that was the deciding characteristic that indicated which mountain must be used to break the curse.
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totally85 writes:
1. She wasn't a gypsy. She was a fortune teller named Madame Zeroni two, He carried Hector up the mountain so they could survive, not so he wouldn't die!
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A.k.A tHe GrEaT writes:
The whole point in the book is to figure things out in the book that aren't necessary and you use your imagination.It is not as interesting if it all took place in one spot.A lot of books would be al-right in one spot but in this book's cool skipping to different spots.
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Whizy writes:
I wondered about that too, it never made sense that the curse could be broken in a different country, different mountain. The author may have meant that just the act of carrying a descendant of the Gypsy up a mountain was enough to break the curse, though he didn't make it clear. However, the thing about the special, magical onions makes sense, it was some ancester of Stanley who also was saved by them when he was robbed in the desert by Kissin Kate.
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newsiebaby writes:
ok first of all, it doesnt say that the mountains in scandinavia. next, even if the great great grandfather didnt carry the gypsy herself up the mountain, stanley carried her RELATIVE therefore breaking the curse/...obviously you didnt pay attention to the book while reading it...
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