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Bring It On - More Than 2 Cheerleading Mistakes
1. In the first competition when the RCH walk in the building, you see a team behind them called the Bullets. The Bullets are an All Star team, so what are they doing at a high school competition!
2. Then, at nationals when you see some teams compete, you see a team with champion written on their uniforms. They are the Champion Outlaws, and they are also an All Star cheerleading squad competing in a high school competition! All Stars are in a higher level of cheerleading!
3. If you knew anything about cheerleading, you would know that what the teams are doing is illegal at a high school level! You have to be in college or an ELITE All Star cheerleading team!
Special Requirements:
a video of the movie and common seanse about cheerleading
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bLoNdEShAvEmOrEfUn writes:
Okay I'm sorry but you need a life if you're going to sit there and be all "This is an All-Star Team and this is illegal" and all stuff like that! The average person, or just a cheerleader who has another life besides memorizing All-Star teams and all illegal moves, would never notice anything wrong with these scenes, or the teams! So my advice to you would be to get a life and not worry about little things like this!
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Princess49 writes:
Okay, I live in New York, and one of the mascots in football are the Raiders. Now we all know they aren't the Oakland can have more than one name in the WHOLE USA.
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Cathy writes:
Maybe the Bullets and the Outlaws are names of high school cheering squads, as well as All Star teams. I know there are actually two squads in just my own town with the same name, not to mention all over the country!
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NHSbandchick writes:
There can be more then 1 team with the same mascot. For example, your mascot is the Wildcats... right? Well, so is mine! Wow.. That's just totally amazing. And who really cares about all star teams at a high school competition in a movie?? It is a movie after all. It's meant to give entertainment.
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spacecougar writes:
She's right in saying that some of the stunts are illegal but I agree it's not something that anyone who isn't a cheerleader would notice and it adds to the excitement of the movie. Most people think of the big stunts like that when they think of the big cheerleading competitions. In regards to what's illegal -- the biggest thing is the basket tosses (where they throw a girl in the air). In high school or all-stars (and only then in certain cases) you can either flip (head over heels) or twist (like rolling over) but not both in the same stunt (that is allowed only in college). The other thing is that in high school in you cannot vault over stunts (flip from one stunt over another stunt to the ground). Regardless, I enjoyed the movie (and I've cheered in high school, college, and have coached 6 all-star squads) so I think it's thoroughly entertaining no matter what the stunts are!!
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Caleigh writes:
First of all, I do agree with the fact that some of the stunts the squads do are illegal at most high school competitions, but not ALL competitions have the same stunts as being illegal. But even more than that, the comment about the all-star squads being at cheer leading competitions is completely wrong. I don't know how many competitions you have been to but almost ever cheer leading competition that I have competed at have had an all-star division. :)
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darcy_monkey writes:
One of the illegal moves is when they are doing the basket tosses. The basket toss itself isn't illegal but doing one with a head over heels rotation is.
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Souffle writes:
It is a movie. Something like that is not common knowledge. Don't you think they would need extras?
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Ashley writes:
Actually I noticed a lot of things they did wrong also, but I'm a cheerleader. Not many people would notice little things like that so why should it matter? Some of the mistakes they did make were with the hair past the shoulders for competition and illegal uniforms. But anyone who doesn't cheerlead wouldn't notice that so why make a big deal over it.
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Dez writes:
Well on the DVD the directors says that those stunts are illegal to use in high school but for the entertainment value of the film he used them and also he says that they used college all star cheerleaders.....
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Blink<3er writes:
First of you know the names of ALL the school mascots in the country? I'm sure there are at least one of those somewhere in high school level. Second, WHAT is illegal? You didn't specify.
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RavePickles writes:
Also when the Torros first walk through the door, you'll see an organizer directing the high school teams to go to a different area, indicating there was different classes of teams in the auditorium.
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Sunshine writes:
EXTRAS!! The film makers would need extra squads wouldn't they? I don't think they were that worried about who the teams were or when they could compete when they picked them. This is fictional!
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Koja0 writes:
Okay, the All-Star division thing is probably the editor's excuse, but the reason they're there is that they filmed routines of all these different squads they had come in to perform to show that the Clovers and Torros weren't alone at the competition, and they just didn't use the all-star teams' routines, but showed them at the actual place. For the illegal moves, BIG DEAL!
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wildhoneypie64 writes:
I've been a cheerleader for 8 years and at every one of our regional/state competitions, there have been all star teams. Granted they may be the only one in their division, but they are there.
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ccscheerhottie writes:
I agree with a lot of you. I know in my town there are a lot of All-Star squads. Such as TN Elite Wildcats. But All-Star teams aren't the same all around the country. Maybe in your hometown, yeah, but I know that there is a Bullets team in my city. And also, I agree with the fact that at competitions they split All-Star teams and high school teams into two different categories. I mean it would be a slip-up if it was like the UCA All-Stars, but it's really not. Sorry.
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Lil_sweets09 writes:
Ok, some high schools will have try-outs for people around the whole town not just the school and those teams are called "All-Star" teams.
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