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Center Stage - Did She Magically Learn the Dance Moves?
In the part where Jodi goes to the dance class (not the ballet class, the faster dancing class where they warm up to the mandy moore song "candy"), the teacher just plays the music and tells them to dance however they want to. They all do the same dance, but how would've Jodi known all the dance moves, perfectly? It was her first time there! She didn't even know what classes were possible to take. Its not like she could've followed someone else because she was in the front too!
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Anonymous on 07-27-2001
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spartanO2 writes:
First, I would like to say that a class is so you can go, and learn a dance. SECOND when Jodie first gets in the room, some people are eating breakfast, and one person even says "morning" to another. so, basically the class starts in the morning (a 5:30 class). During warm-up, she is in the back following what the other dancers are doing. Then later on during the day, they dance the dance, she knows it, and thats why she is in the front, because they had just learned the dance, and out the window it shows that it is later on in the day. After when she leaves, it is night.
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Julia writes:
1) The teacher does not say, "Dance however you want to." She says, "Don't worry about the moves, just dance it!" 2) It seems to go straight from warmup to the dance, but it doesn't. It cuts to the dance, which comes later in the class, after they had reviewed the moves.
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lynn writes:
Okay, obviously there was time in class that was not shown. They probably chose not to show it for obvious reasons. Would you like to sit there and watch the class learn the entire dance? I thought not. If you knew anything, you would know that jazz classes are usually two or three hours, and they review the dance before doing it. This is not a slip-up, it is done on purpose
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lindseylou writes:
At the beginning of that scene (after the warmup) the dance instructor says "lets take it from the top" meaning that they had been learning it in pieces all the way through and she wants to start it all over again.
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Kayte writes:
When you go to New York and take dance classes...they teach you a different dance every class. so she is going to know it just as well as everyone's their first time doing that certain dance too. They just don't show the actual process of the class learning the dance.
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leelie writes:
We don't know how much time lapsed. When I first saw it, I thought the same thing. But then seeing it again, I think that they had done the moves a few times when we just didn't see it. It was a longer class and we couldn't have seen the entire thing!
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Firebird101 writes:
I am a dancer, and most classes (especially professional classes in New York) already have a warm-up that every regular knows. Even if you're in the front, it pretty easy to follow something that you don't know. And they don't go straight into the dance, I can bet they review it first. If you have been training for a long time, you can pick up steps easier. But what I don't get is how she knew to do the pirrouettes (spins) at the end and then flop on the ground.
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Sundust17 writes:
Jodi is a dancer, a very good one, and because she has been dancing for such a long time she can pick up moves very easily. When they are warming up you can see that Jodi is not doing it right when everyone else is. She is looking at them and then following. As far as the dance goes, it was probably not very hard for her to figure it out.
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MoonBaby writes:
This bothered me too the first time I saw the movie. But you have to think about it. She's a student at the most prestigious ballet school in America. The guys begin the class by going first. The dance moves for the guys are the same ones that Jodi and the other girls do. I think she just might have picked up on them quickly. They seemed kind of simple anyways. (Not like I could have ever done them).
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DramaPrincess15 writes:
OK, if this class was at 5:30 in the morning then she was in that class for like 12 hours because when she leaves Cooper offers to take her to dinner. That must be at least 6 or 7. So there is no way she could be in a class for that long of an amount of time, because it would interfere with her ABA classes.
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Carissa writes:
OK, yeah i thought about this as well but it COULD be a morning class. Or here is something else, Ballet and Jazz are similar with their moves sometimes. Once you know Ballet Jazz becomes VERY easy for some people. Now, did you notice that the guys went before the girls did? Usually a good dancer, even of a different dance, would be able to watch the moves and learn them very easily. I am a jazz dancer and know that I can do some of the moves from just watching. You must be able to do that. I also am able to copy some of the moves from Center Stage by watching it. And I just started, so I can imagine she can do MUCH more.
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Brat writes:
OK. At the dance class it could not have been 5:30 a.m. because after the dance class when Jody meets up with Cooper on his motorcycle it's dusk and when she leaves she has sex with him AT NIGHT because when you look out the window its pitch dark!
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Claire writes:
They were obviously there all day, because when she goes in you can hear someone say "morning" and then when she leaves it is the evening. But since she was there all day how could she have had breakfast and cooper not know about it. I mean he was there too.
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FrBby writes:
Warm-ups in a dance class are very simple even a beginning dancer can pick up warm-ups by just watching. She also did not do the warm-ups perfectly, she is always about one beat behind everybody else. In regards to the dance, Cooper also fell to the ground, it could have been part of the dance or just coincidence. If you have ever worked really hard in a dance class, the sometimes first thing you want to do is just collapse.
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DramaPrincess15 writes:
Yes! This has bothered me also! I mean it's her first time there? How could she be in the front and know all the dance moves perfectly???? THANKS!
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