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Star Trek: Insurrection - Warp or No Warp
Toward the climax of the film, Rikker flys the Enterprise off at warp speed, being persued by the bad guys. When the bad guys catch up with them, a battle ensues, and the Enterprise prevails by dumping the warp core to create some kind of explosion. About the same time, back at the planet, Picard is preparing to face down the bad guy (F. Murray Abraham) and is saved in the nick of time by, none other than the Enterprise, having returned. I didn't do the math, but say the Enterprise flew an hour at warp (faster than light) before turning back. Without a warp core they could no longer fly at warp speed (I'm not a trekkie so there may be some spare warp core the keep in a closet I am unaware of) so I'm figuring at sub-light speed, it would take them months, if not years to get back to where they started.
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Just a copy of the movie
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EricKoch on 12-15-1999
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Pos1al writes:
I am a Trekker and this is the Explanation: 1) The Enterprise left the Briar Patch at the end of the movie under Impulse power because: A) All that the Enterprise had leftover was the Saucer section's impulse engines. B) Impulse was the fastest speed allowable in the Briar Patch. 2) After leaving the Briar Patch, when radio contact is now possible, the Enterprise uses its subspace radio to contact Starfleet and request assistance. The Enterprise would then either: A) Be towed to the nearest Starbase for repair (If a suitable repair facility exists on an adjacent Starbase). B) Or the Starfleet core of engineer would arrive and in the dead of Space install a new Warp core. This was seen in the Star Trek Voyager episode "Day of Honor" During the episode Chief Engineer Belanna Torres Ejected their ONLY warp core to prevent destruction of the ship. The Core did not explode after it was ejected. Instead, the Crew retrieved the warp core and later reinstalled it. Thus, one way or another the Enterprise will have a new warp core and at no time in the final minutes of the film was it implied that the Enterprise was going to go to warp. Again Thus, No Slip up on the film makers part.
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StrTrkRob writes:
First off, let me say that I don't think non-Trekkers should be allowed to comment on Trek movies. There is just too much technical stuff (and too many different placed where the information "resides") for a non-Trekker to comprehend, no offense. Second, the Enterprise is traveling at impulse in the Briar Patch. They beat up the Son'a, and get to the edge of the briar patch. They immediately send the message, and go right back in with impulse to save Picard. There's no need to immediately go and get a new warp core.
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Que236 writes:
All right guys. Many people have mentioned that the core was ejected, that there might be a secondary "non-ejectable" core. To put it all to rest. (I am a trekker, and write my own stories so I have some experience with starfleet ships and technology.) The Sovereign class Starship does NOT have a secondary warp core. 2nd, if they did. They would have to make it ejectable, What if that core went critical. "Oops sorry guys, we're gonna die because starfleet didn't make this core ejectable." even in the 24th Century they have common sense Esp. with fuel so powerful as anti-matter. 3rd, The Enterprise Was traveling at Impulse speed out of the patch. They were traveling at Warp to get to the patch in the beginning but then they cut to a scene showing the ship entering under Impulse power. Riker and Geordie make reference to going to Full impulse. (I.E. "Full impulse" Riker say, "The manifolds can't handle full impulse in the patch sir." Geordie replies.) 4th, They have things called tow ships. (Reference DS9. there is a scene where a tow ship is towing an Excelsior class vessle after a battle.) These ships are capable of traveling at warp with a ship in tow. Remember there has to be a Warp field around a ship. These tow ships must be equipt to generate a field big enough to travel at warp. (May not be up to warp 9. Maybe up to warp 5) and as far to my knowledge they can't put a warp core into a ship without a starbase to dock it. So the Logical thing is they met a Tow ship.
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AJK writes:
Let's clear it up: 1) Warp drive could not be used in the "Briar Patch", they had to travel at impulse. 2) Subspace communications could not penetrate the Patch, so ships had to leave in order to communicate with starfleet. 3) Therefore: the Enterprise left the Patch at impulse and contacted starfleet. A day or two later, a towship (or something) arrived. Sorted.
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Mythmander writes:
O.K. They dumped the warp core, the whole thing, it's see-able in the main screen. The Enterprise had only one warp core, because, after they got rid of the Sub-Space thingy, Riker asked LaForge something, and Geordi said "We're fresh out of warp cores". After that they collected the gas and ignited it, destroying or damaging the ships and commenting on weather it would become known as "The Riker Manueuver" Warp was impossible in there, probably due to particles and asteroids, and the ship had to be towed. We'll probably see a new core in the next Movie (Patrick Stewart has signed on)
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Spike writes:
After the Enterprise gets out of the briar patch they could just send a subspace message and have another ship get them a replacement warp core.
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KivaWolf writes:
PEOPLE! Come on! Look, warp travel inside Briar Patch, IMPOSSIBLE! There was no warp at all in the movie while in the Patch. End of story! What is this about Warp core being replaced??!!
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Coalition writes:
Pos1al had the right ideas. Try the following process: 1) Son'a weapons open a subspace tear 2) Enterprise ejects its warp core to close the tear 3) (Enterprise defeats the Son'a warships) 4) Enterprise returns to the Array, saves Picard, etc. 5) Enterprise sends a shuttle to the edge of the cloud (far more dense than a nebula, based on the turbulence) and calls for a new warp core 6) Enterprise crew enjoys R&R on planet until the new core arrives and is installed, or until a tug arrives to tow them to a starbase. The whole time inside the cloud, they were at impulse. Of course, the idea that the less than one thousand Bak'u need the whole planet to themselves, is not a slip-up, but major stupidity.
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Zenno writes:
In response to your question of whether they carry a spare warp core the answer is no because when Jordi is asked what they do if another one of the those sub-atom bomb things goes off he says they haven't got another one. HOWEVER they cannot travel faster than 1/2 impulse because of the Nebus cloud they're going through so it doesn't make any difference. Please don't think that I'm a sad trekkie, it's just that I happened to see the film a few days ago and I understand the general principles of Star Trek
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Brewster writes:
i may be mistaken because i havent seen the movie in a while....but wasnt it said in the movie that they could not use warp speed in the briar patch due to the volitile gases? if so they they were not that far away that it would have taken them months to return. Again i am not 100% sure on this and forgive the spelling errors please :)
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Data1912 writes:
What I would like to know is if the warp core is gone then there is no plasma feeding the warp nacelles so they should be dark but if you notice the warp nacelles are illuminated at the end of the movie. what's the deal???
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bars34 writes:
I just watched the movie, and I knew something was wrong. I googled to see if anyone else noticed this mistake, and this page came up. It seems like the original slip up notifier is correct while the people commenting underneath do not accurately remember the movie. Heres what happened: The enterprise was traveling at warp, the two so'na ships intercepted so they dropped out of warp and entered the nebula. The enterprise ejected and detonated the warp core. Than at the end of the movie, they returned to beam Picard out of the self destructing ship. Without warp drive, they shouldn't have been able to travel back the few hours they had gone in the other direction at warp. (and if impulse is indeed as fast as warp 1, which I don't believe, then they should have explained that in the movie).
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BrainFreeze writes:
Geez you guys butcher Star Trek words. The Warp Core was ejected (the Warp Core is like the engine of the ship for lightspeeds) Rikker is spelt Riker Jeordi is spelt Geordi and they were in a Nebula, not a nebla or neba or whatever. They're real. Clouds of plasma in space (see NASA or some science book/www site). PS: I'm not a full on trekker/ie (no makeup or costumes) but Trekkers/ies are humans too. They're not sad either. I know trekkers/ies with lives and girlfriends.
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Max writes:
Phil, mass is a constant. Just because an object is free from the effects of gravity, it is still bound by the laws of the universe.
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ScubaSteve writes:
Firstly, if memory serves correctly, full impulse is 1/4 the speed of light, and thus Warp 1. This means that if the Enterprise did Warp 1 for an hour, it would only take them 4 hours to return at full impulse. Not quite as long as months. Secondly I have to agree with Max. Mass is a constant, HOWEVER, weight (which actually matters in these things) is not. Weight depends on the immediate gravitational influences that are working in on a body. In open space, this is small enough to ignore. So a starship would have a weight of zero, no matter how much mass it has.
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kamakazikid writes:
i cant remember that part of the movie. but the enterprise E dosent have a saucer section like the enterprise D.
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Misery Guts writes:
Thanks BrainFreeze, my toes were curling at some of their spelling. By the way, not all Trekkies are male either (I don't have a girlfriend, just a husband and kids!)
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Overdrive writes:
Now I'm not familiar with the Sovereign-class ship design, but I believe there is a Secondary warp core aboard, this would be the one they've used for getting back in time. However this secondary warp core is smaller and (perhaps) not ejectable (thus it is secondary), which would explain Geordis comment. This is all from very deep within my memory, so if anyone can confirm/denie this information when it comes to the Sovereign class, I'm all ears. :)
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Fox writes:
Nope...there isn't an additional warp core on board the Enterprise-E. I AM a Trekkie and ...oh yeah..the "bad guys" are called the Son'a and there leader is called Ru'afo.
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Brandon Amaro writes:
This is a mistake because at the end, they still had no warp core and they left. It will take years to reach the nearest starbase.
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Phil writes:
Totally messed up, I know. I'd imagine they'll explain it as that they sent a shuttlecraft out of the Briar Patch to contact Starfleet and a ship came and tugged the Enterprise back in with a tractor beam... OR a shuttlecraft could pull the Enterprise out, seeing as how it has a mass of 0 kilograms in space.
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Brandon Amaro writes:
That doesn't work. If I recall, locking on a tractor beam on something while at warp is very dangerous. If you don't believe me, watch the episode of DS9 where Sisko and O'Brian are marooned on planet with an uncharted cololney of humans living a primitive way of life.
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Gandolf2k1 writes:
Ed Duddy, I don't know what movie you were watching, but they certainly did eject the core. They has to do it in order to close the rip in subspace that the So'na has caused. DUH
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Fast Eddie writes:
I believe the "warp core" refers to the fuel, not the machinery (at least, by this point in history). Thus, the hot plasma is ejected and new fuel would have to be pumped in, primed and turned into a new core. All of which would take time. Plus the fact that warp couldn't be used and other factors mentioned. So it's still a slip-up.
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Ed Duddy writes:
jeez, Guys.................... No warp core was dumped! they collected gas, blew it out (the ram scoop) and the sona weapons hit it and destroyed it. IIRC but i have not seen the movie in months. Thanks ! :)
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vedette2001 writes:
I think that this movie wasn't at all near as good as the other too. There were a few screwy things about this movie that made no sense. I didn't like it too much on account of I want Picard and Crusher to hook up. They had better in ST:X because they said 10 is the last one with The Generations crew. Also people said Data might die... :(
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