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X-Men - Sabertooth's Fillings?
When Sabertooth attacks storm in the train station, storm calls up a lighning storm to defend herself. Look closely as Sabertooth looks to the sky and growls. He has fillings in his teeth. With his healing factor, he would never need fillings.
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Anonymous on 04-27-2001
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MaliceShaw writes:
Mandy Doll: You're wrong, I'm afraid. Sabertooth DOES have a healing factor (FACTOR, kiddies, NOT ability!) and he too is almost as old as Wolverine. See, it's like this. Sabertooth WAS going to get an adamantium skeleton, but Wolverine got it and wrecked the lab before Victor (Sabertooth) could receive one. They were chosen for the Weapon-X project like this: Amazing healing factors, sense of smell, taste, hearing, and sight. Come on, it's simple knowledge to ANY X-fan! :)
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Micas writes:
I have been a fan of X-Men (the comics), for a while, which sort of qualifies to make me a reliable source of information on this, and I must say that most of you are wrong. Wolverine and Sabretooth were chosen to be part of an experience that bound the admantium to Wolvie’s bones because of their healing factor. Sabretooth never got the adamantium because Wolverine trashed the lab (this is mentioned in one of the recent issues of the ‘Wolverine’ comic, when Sabretooth DOES get the adamantium, if you want confirmation…). So he does have the healing factor. About the fillings…Those are Tyler Mane’s and his alone. Sabretooth would not have fillings. His healing factor would eliminate the bacteria that cause cavities.
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Gandalf_122 writes:
First the fillings were a mistake in the movie. Second Wolverine and Sabertooth are not brothers. Or if they are it has not been revealed. The only way they might be brothers was if he was concepted when Wolverine's mother was having an affair with Sabertooth's father. All this is in Origins Series. Third Sabertooth does have a healing factor. And without stating the obvious how he would have been dead 10 times over in the movie with out one here is a direct quote from the official Marvel website. "Sabretooth can regenerate damaged or destroyed cells at an accelerated rate, and his healing factor renders him virtually immune to poisons and most drugs. Sabertooth’s superhumanly acute senses are comparable to those of certain animals; he can track a person or object by smell in a manner similar to that of a dog or wolf. Also, his claws and teeth are strong enough to rend substances as durable as bone." here’s the link. here’s another quote from Mutatis Mutandis, whose creator collaborated on the creation of science of the X-men "Powers: Sabretooth has enhanced senses, speed and strength, along with razor sharp claws. His biggest asset, however, is a healing factor that can repair almost any wound, including a broken back (courtesy of Caliban, a slit throat, and one of Wolverine's claws through his brain." Link- and lastly here’s another link to another very good site with sabertooth's bio
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Beer-bong writes:
I think that Sabertooth does have healing powers in the movie, although it is not mentioned explicitly. Remember when he's fighting Woverine on top of the statue. Wolverine dives at him and plunges both sets of claws into Sabertooth's chest, yet Sabertooth it still fighting and is pretty much fine for the rest of the movie. That might have something to do with his strength, but I don't know if anything that can survive six puncture wounds to the lungs. Just an observation.
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dave writes:
WRONG!! Sabertooth has regenerative powers just like Wolverine. Obviously some of you never read the comic book. I realize the movie never stated this, but it is a well known fact. As for teeth not healing, that is true, but the healing factor would keep them from rotting in the first place. Also, back in his patch days, wolverine lost his eye, and re-grew a completely new one. If you can re-grow an eye, you can heal a tooth.
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Bubba BoBaBrain writes:
Teeth don't heal.
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funkychuck writes:
Actually, Sabertooth does have a mutant healing ability. And, depending on what decade you read the comic, adamentium fingernails. I think they got rid of that in the early 90's, on account of it was kinda stupid.
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Mime from Hell writes:
Just a quick lesson on the difference between Sabretooth and Wolverine for you, Jack. Sabretooth would never, COULD never, have claws like Wolverine. They were not given to him when he had the adamantium grafted to his skeleton. He was born with them. They are his natural bone. If you need proof, just look to the issues of Uncanny X-Men where Magneto had removed all of the adamantium from Logan's body. He still had the claws. Just recently, Sabretooth DID get the adamantium graft, but I don't think it was through his whole skeleton. Just his hands. And one more thing, for fight21, Wolverine and Sabretooth are NOT related in any way. For a while, Wolvy thought that Sabretooth might have been his father, but that was just what Department H (the people who selected Logan and Sabretooth for the Weapon X program) programmed them into thinking.
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jack writes:
In the cartoon, wolverine and saber tooth go to this one place in the woods, and they were talking and a computer image that comes up telling both of them about their past and how both of them were alike in every way except for the metal. Saber tooth would have had claws too except wolverine went berserk before they could put them in saber tooth.
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sabretooth writes:
In the Sabretooth comic "Back to Nature: Homicidal Tendencies," Sabretooth gets a machete to the shoulder and says to himself, "Hurts like the dickens, but I can handle the injuries....Iheal fast." Regenerative healing factor.
3 of 5 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes writes:
Well most of the stuff between Wolverine and Saber-tooth is explained in the upcoming movie, X-Men Origins Wolverine..... They are brothers and they both seem to heal live long.... except Saber-tooth is older than Wolverine
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Bubba BoBaBrain writes:
And in the Film, there's no mention of Saber-tooth having a mutant healing factor.
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Steve Crow writes:
And he might have had the fillings put in before his mutant power manifested.
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Daywalker writes:
Wolverine is Saber tooth's half-brother. Wolverine's mother had an affair with Saber tooth's dad and is believed that Wolverine and Saber tooth both got their healing ability from their blood father and that Wolverine's claws came from his mother.
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ChaserChick writes:
Nice to know that Sabertooth cares enough about personal oral hygiene to get cavities filled. I pity his dentist though.
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IceQueen writes:
Yet again, some people are forgeting that, yes, he is an actor and not Sabretooth so he is allowed to get fillings. I dare say that Sabretooth would have them too, because teeth don't heal.
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MrOlaf writes:
He does have a healing factor.
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elmckernan writes:
If Sabretooth didn't have regenerative capabilities like Wolverine, how do you explain the fact that he got claws through his gut and lived? He would have died right then and there. But you're right. Teeth do not heal. It would be as if he ripped his "fingernail" off. The skin would heal but there would be no more fingernail.
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peaceitbaby writes:
It's meant to show that Saber-tooth is extremely strong, and devoted to trying to Kill wolverine! It doesn't mean he is invincible, Mystique took some claws in her chest and she lived!
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fight21 writes:
First, sabertooth and wolverine are brothers, THAT is mentioned in the comics, or go to the X-men on the internet! Second, s.tooth has the same powers as wolverine, this is also a well known fact (this doesn't have to be mentioned in the movie!) Only difference is wolverines claws, and that was done by man! And about the cavities, I saw that too. I wondered, maybe it was before his powers did come around, because the powers come out when they are teens. But it is a movie they couldn't get everything. The Director was pushing the clock, because they shortend the time of making the movie. The producers wanted to put it out earlier than planned.
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nothingelsebettertodo writes:
Sabertooth DOES NOT have mutant healing abilities. Only Wolverine. As to his getting clawed through the gut and surviving, Sabertooth is one tough SOB. He's a mutant, and he's extremely strong. One impaling by Wolverine isn't enough to stop him. How else do you explain their perpetual feud and consequent bouts in the comic book?
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Mindy Doll writes:
Wolverine is the one with the healing powers, Saber-tooth has almost every other power Wolverine has but he missed out on the healing.
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