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Red Dwarf - Why Wasn't Chakansky Recreated?
When Krytens Nanobots reconstructed Red Dwarf at the end of series 7 going on to series 8 they also resurected the entire crew including Rimmer But NOT Chakanski Why was this?
The Chakanski aboard StarBug was from an alternate dimension so surely the Chakanski from the Recreated Red Dwarf should also have been Recreated?
The Captain mentions to Lister he Kidnaped her but this would not have been possible of course as her body remains DNA or whatever would still be on Red Dwarf therefore there would be two Chakanskis (Like in Dimension Jump and Stroke me a Clipper Two Rimmers)
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Red Dwarf VIII
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MartinMetal on 03-31-2001
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Scolman writes:
As to Kochanski's DNA remaining on Red Dwarf, there is a deleted scene from The End or the next episode, where Lister ejects everyones ashs out into space (It's actually in the Smeg Ups/Outs tape, not to sure which one, where you see Lister putting the urn into the same eject mechanism that the captain put McKintyre's ashes into. The little door comes of it's hinges and thats why it's in the Smeg ups Tape) But if you watch the episode a bit further, Holly says he created a second lot of nanobot's to recreate the crew. Since he was discovered before RD was created, he knew Kriss already existed and so didn't bother to recreate her.
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MIdAS writes:
The nanobots knew she was on Starbug so didn't recreate her on red dwarf.
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MartinMetal writes:
Cheers for that mate
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Vora writes:
Actually, (production decisions such as changing the actress aside) my thought was always that, presumably, just like Ace and Rimmer share the same DNA, so too would the different Kris's. I just always that the Nanos didn't resurrect the crew from existing DNA strands found on Red Dwarf but from the computer files that they saved when they stripped the ship- as this is the future it only seems reasonable that personel files would contain fingerprints, retinal scans and DNA codes in order to authenticate identities and that the Nanos, being robots would use just those things to identify people. As a result, when the nanobots were going down the list of crew to recreate: they got to both Lister and Kris's names and skipped over them as they were obviously still alive.
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Djouroboros writes:
Her name was Clare (CP) Grogan, she was in a band for a while called Altered Images I liked series 7 there are some quality lines, but losing rimmer for the best part was a bit daunting.
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Rissa writes:
Definitely a slip-up, but then with Grant gone I think the show lost the will to live. Note on alternate universes: Ace Rimmer is from an alternate universe. I think that proves that they can be pretty damn alternate.
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danae sun writes:
i think i've figured it out. in series 2, episode 4 - stasis leak the lister who's with the rimmer from the double double red dwarf (or whatever it was, havent watched that one for a while) its the dudes with the toshes anyway, lister comes back and marries kochanski. wouldnt he take her back to starbug his time rather than letting her die with everyone else? that would explain the loss of kochanski without there being 2 listers too. hope this helps and you understand it.
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Weave writes:
I have my own theory regarding this one. At the beginning of season 8, one of the crew tells the captain that the ship has changed (they even had some modifications that they apparently had gotten rid of earlier) The captain replies that the ship was the same as when it was first built. (which makes sense) Although I'm thinking that the nanobots would have created all of the original crew on the ship. (Including the captain, most of the crew and Rimmer, but not lister or Kachanski) Kachanski might have been one of the newer crew to have been posted on Red Dwarf.
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thedirectorscut writes:
I agree with mldAS the nannos new she was on star bug and didn't bother.
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Caz writes:
Kochanski's accent also changed as in the first episode she has a Glaswegian accent and the later episodes she has a very English one, I know they changed actresses but still.
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tha kil writes:
I detest Chloe Anette (or however you spell it) with all my heart. her coming along was one fo the worst things that happened to the series, along with a modernisation of Starbug, dubbed laughter, and the loss of a writer. Series 7 was terrible. Series 8 was a little better, but not as good as the glory days. Kill Kochanski, thats what I say, or get the original actor (forget her name, she was in Gregory's girl). Thats a big slip up actually- Kochanski morphs into someone completely different with a completely different personality (an unfunny one), how alternate IS that universe?
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