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Saved by the Bell - Where Did He Come From?
When Kelly gets a job at The Max, she falls in love with her boss Jeff, and they kiss one night while closing up. At this time she is going out with Zack and it happens a few days before the costume ball. At the ball Zack's band sings, but Zack and Kelly leave to talk after Kelly calls him Jeff. The band mates wait for a few mintues for Zack to come back, then they decide to play with out him. A.C. gets up to sing and then some guy just pops up for off camera and sits down at the drum set (where A.C. is supposed to be). This guy just starts playing. Like, come on, if some guy just came up to my band and started playing I would be kinda freaked. And another thing, he didn't practice with the band and he had NO music, how could he know how to play? And I would like to comment on Lisa and her guitar playing. Just look at her hands, they go in the same path over the guitar all the time, and she doesn't even touch the strings. One more thing, all their voices (while singing) pretty much sound the same.
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a T.V., The episode where Kelly gets a job at The Max
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Anonymous on 03-20-2001
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Dave "The legend" Rox writes:
Kelly was the wicked queen, Jessie snow white and Zack the prince. Saved by the Bell was, is and always will be, the greatest TV show of all time.
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crawford writes:
It's called acting, do you really think that Lisa would know how to play a guitar.
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Ashleigh writes:
Oh give me a break. First of all most bands do have back-up drummers, guitarist, etc. And secondly, this is television, and actress isn't just going to learn how to play a bass for a few episodes. She's an actress, she's pretending, and you just happened to realize that it was pretend.
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Liza writes:
Okay, I never comment but this just drove me crazy. Why are you people combining two different episodes. The one where Kelly cheats on Zack with that guy from work is one episode. They break up. There is a costume ball. They sing. That's that one. The other episode that everyone keeps talking about is something different. The episode when they do the play of snow white and the seven drawfs is when Zack and Jessie kiss. There is no band and there is no costume party. You people must really watch it so much to point where they all just jumble up with each other.
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Anna writes:
Okay, the drummer guy didn't just pop up out of nowhere. If you watch, Slater signals him over, fairly obviously, after saying something to Jessie about "should we just do this without Zach?" The whole performing a song without Zach singing was anticipated, because remember Zach was counting on he and Kelly being named Prince and Princess or King and Queen, whatever it is. They probably had the drummer guy waiting.
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jodi writes:
This is in reply to Crawford and her comment "It's called acting, do you really think that Lisa would know how to play a guitar. " I just wanted to let you know the purpose of this site is to point out slip-ups like the fact Lisa doesn't know how to play the guitar. She could've at least moved her hands around a bit and made it a little more convincing. But she didn't, therefor it's called a "slip-up"
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Monkey's Princess writes:
I know Saved by the Bell like the back of my hand. I have every episode on tape, and when you started talking about the back up drummer, I popped in the video and watched it on slow motion, so I could see what you are talking about, the black guy who fills in for Slater on the drums is in fact one of the nerds from the episode where Zack kisses Jessie and for all we know he could be a back up drummer for them we don't really know beacause not enough practices were shown how do we know that maybe he just wasn't able to attend them? OK, now to clear up the other episode Zach plays the PRINCE Jessie is SNOW WHITE and Kelly plays the EVIL WITCH and Kelly and Slater (plays the EIGHTH DWARF) get mad at Jessie and Zach beacause LISA who plays the MAGIC MIRROR sees them kiss once after practice.
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noelle writes:
Lisa is playing the bass. That is why it is extra bad, because she plays it like a guitar, she's not picking it like she should be.
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jenngurl312 writes:
ok first of all in the episode where zach kisses kelly Kelly is mad becasue she is the evil witch and jessie is snow white and zach is the prince.Not slater. Oh and i watched that episode just this morning about kelly falling in love with jeff...i noticed about the voices sounding the same and lisa playing the guitar all wierd but i didnt notice the guy on the drums...
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Chippy writes:
Their play isn't "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" it's "Snow White and the Seven DORKS"
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Lucky writes:
I don't know what episode this is from but Lisa is playing the bass guitar and she slaps the guitar and it's suppose to play.
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mz_kitty writes:
All right, now I noticed this one too! The guy who takes A.C. spot is also one of the nerds from the "Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs episode" Remember that one? Where Kelly & Zack get back together. Kelly is Snow White, and Jessie is mad @ her because Jessie is only cast as the evil witch? A.C. Slater is the Prince, and Zack kisses at the end? Well, the ONLY black nerd is also the guy who takes the drumming spot. The drumming version was only him without his glasses. It's also amazing how Lisa doesn't break one of her LONG nails while playing the guitar... she REALLY is Super Woman!
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