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Star Trek: Insurrection - Holodeck Malfunctions
When Picard, Data and the lady from the village enter the holoship, which is in the lake, they encounter a So'na guard who shoots at them. Picard and Data shoot back, but they miss a few times and their phasers hit the buildings and other things in the holodeck. However, there's just a burn mark where the phaser hit. This can't be right because in the end of the movie, the So'na officer shoots in the holoship, and where he shot, leaves the holodeck damaged.
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Anonymous on 03-18-2001
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Spunky writes:
Maybe because the buildings and other scenery Data and Picard shot were in the middle of the ship, not close to the ceiling or walls. and when the Son'a shoots the console, it was maybe close to the holo-ships wall, shot thru the console and hit the wall, It's a bit confusing though, so yell at me if you want.
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AJK writes:
More likely it was configured to a different _fequency_ of some kind. When Ru'afo suspected his bridge was a holodeck, he pulled out his phaser and did something to the controls before firing :)
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Toothpaste writes:
About this whole Holoship mess.. One of the premises behind the Holodeck is that, while certain objects are nothing more than projected imagery and forcefields, others are not. We've seen evidence of the Holodeck's ability to serve essentially the same purpose as a replicator -- take for example the pilot of ST:TNG, when Wesley falls in the water, and exits the Holodeck dripping wet. The water was real. The stone pillars of the Baku village were probably real as well. (some people quip about the water dashing when struck by phaser fire -- even if the Holodeck couldn't replicate matter, would the water have to be real anyway if it was going to be an effective ruse for the Baku? there's 600 thirsty people living there) Now when it comes to more 'complicated' structures like the alloys used on the bridge of a ship, the 'deck leaves it up to imagery and forcefields -- hence the reason Ruafo could disrupt the Holodeck bridge. I think the Star Trek Technical Manual elaborates on this idea but I seem to have misplaced mine.. :/
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SilverNeptune12 writes:
When Data and Picard are shooting at the So'na how does data miss. He is missing people all though out the Movie. For an Android he does not have very good eye-hand coordination
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JustMyself writes:
Sorry. The alien phaser and the Federation phaser could by calibrated to 2 totally different strengths or settings. The difference could be that of a pistol and a shot gun. No slip up...better luck next time.
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excalibur2255 writes:
Another thing to mention as a possible reason is if you notice the Holoship had no access to ship controls or anything being able to be operated on it because it was just a look-a-like that had the "Simulation" playing on the viewer while the Holodeck was all real. The Holoship was basically nothing real at all while the Holodeck was all real because it had to be in order to fool the Baku into thinking they were still on their world. The Holodeck safety protocols may have something to do with it also.
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Digital Ronin writes:
Druing a voyager episode one of the secruity officers tells the doctor (who at this time is going rogue) that his phaser is specifically set to disrupt holograms. Couldn't Ruafo's weapon have been set to do the same?
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OverDri\E writes:
The hologram technology is closely related to the transporter technology. Basicly it's a way to convert energy to matter and back to energy, which is what the holodeck does.. the transporter does the opposite. This is, in short, what Picard explains to Professor Moriarty in the episode "Elementary, Dear Data" from the 2nd season of TNG. This would explain most of the things, like why Wesley got wet in the holodeck.. because the water was really there. If a phaser was set for a weak (like stun, which would be federation standard) setting it probably wouldn't destroy anything in the holodeck (just as we've seen people shooting all over the place and not destroying anything just because they missed). While a phaser set for a higher setting would destroy things (just like the away teams often use phasers to cut through walls and other objects). It still doesn't account for the missing bodies in the holodeck though.. unless they were just holograms too.
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